Wood Village, OR

"The little town with a big heart"

Program participants learn piano. (Credit: Patricia Smith)

Last year, we teamed up with the city of Fairview to start a recreation program for East County, called East County Recreation. We work with children from all over the county with sports, dance, music, and crafts projects during the summer. Most of our children are on scholarships if they cannot afford it. We had 212 children last year and hope to triple that next year. No child is turned away if they cannot pay. We are very proud of our two small cities effort to enrich the lives of all of our children.

Stories About Wood Village

The recreation program is staffed with volunteers who take time out of their busy lives to change the lives of children. Our summer school lunch program is also manned by volunteers who feed children and also their mothers during the summer months. Our town is full of good hearted people who care.