Yuma Foothills, AZ

"If you can't find something to do, you're not looking."

Yuma Foothills is known for its consistently warm weather and abundant cactus life. (Credit: Janell Iverson)

Yuma Foothills is a diamond in the rough in the desert. Snowbirds have been traveling here for years to get the winter warmth they miss in their state or Canada. From car shoes, Taco Festivals, Tamale Festivals, Brewfests, Salsa Fests to the beautiful Colorado River and Lake Martinez, Yuma has something for everyone of all ages.


One of the unique gatherings Yuma Foothills residents enjoy is Howling at the Moon. The gathering started years ago at the base of the Gil’s Mountain range. People gathered to watch the full moon come up behind the mountains. And yes, people actually howl when the full moon shows itself. Over the years, the organizers have recruited sponsors for porta potties, food vendors and live band music. Residents treat this like a football tailgater, arriving with friends and family early to set up their area for food and fun. The event has grown from hundreds to thousands attending. You can see people supporting this event by wearing Howling at the Moon shirts.

A Howling at the Moon attendee shows off her customized shirt for the event. (Credit: Janell Iverson)

There is a group in the Foothills called the Helping Hands that has one of the largest “yard sales” that I have ever seen. They use the proceeds to help other people in the area, like building wheel chair ramps or fixing a leaky faucet for the elderly.

We also have two amateur radio clubs, plus an Auxiliary Communications Service. We are always helping each other fixing antennas or programing radios, etc.

People march down the street in honor of the Veterans Day Parade in Foothills East. (Credit: Tom Ramus)