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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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10 Stately Russian Dog Breeds and Their Fascinating History

From sled dogs to guard dogs, these are the Russian dog breeds you'll want to learn about.

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24 Rare Dog Breeds You Probably Don’t Know About

Want a rare dog that stands paws apart from the other dogs at the dog park? Well, we have some...

10 Energetic Australian Dog Breeds That Are Always on the Go

The continent is home to many hard-working pups, from herders to terriers. Here's everything you need to know about each...

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12 Handsome Italian Dog Breeds

Large or small, these Italian dog breeds make their country proud with their good looks, keen sense of style, and...

8 Authentic Japanese Dog Breeds and Their Fascinating Histories

Some of these indigenous Japanese dog breeds have lineages that are thousands of years old. Find out how they came...

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15 Adorable Brindle Dog Breeds You Need to Know

Sometimes called tiger-striped dogs, these brindle breeds have some of the most uniquely colored coats in all of the animal...

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10 Adorable Dog Breeds with Beautiful Green Eyes

Green-eyed dogs are rare—these are the dog breeds most likely to have them.

20 Precious Dogs with Pointy Ears You Need to See

Dogs with pointy ears look like they're paying close attention—and it turns out this feature does, in fact, help them...

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8 Adorable Dogs with Beards

These dogs with beards are full of personality and pep—though they do require just a bit more grooming than some...

15 Popular Dog Breeds with Gorgeous, Curly Hair

Looking to adopt a new pup? Check out these interesting, adorable, and perfectly coiffed curly-haired dog breeds.

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10 Most Popular Wire-Haired Dog Breeds

Sure, they may seem a little rough at first, but these soft-hearted wire hair dogs make great additions to your...

17 Calm Dog Breeds with Easygoing Personalities

These adorable and lovable calm dog breeds fit right in with singles, couples, or families who are looking for a...

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16 Long-Haired Dogs with Gorgeous Locks

These long-haired dogs may be high maintenance but they're worth the extra effort. Best of all, most are surprisingly light...

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Here’s What Your Favorite Dog Breed Says About Your Personality

Can't imagine life without a Labrador, or obsessed with your French Bulldog? Here's what studies and experts say your favorite...

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18 Best Dog Breeds for Kids

The best family dogs are patient, tolerant, and loyal. You can't go wrong with any of these best dogs for...

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12 Lovable Dog Breeds with Long Noses

Elegant, fast (mostly), and with a really good sense of smell, these are some of the most popular dog breeds...

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This Is the Dog Breed That’s Most Compatible with Your Zodiac Sign

Best friendships are made when each sign adopts a dog to match their personality. Here's what to know about the...

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15 Best Apartment Dogs for Small Spaces

If you're looking for one of the best dogs for apartment living and want to make sure your pup will...

30 Toy Dog Breeds That Stay Puppy-Sized Forever

Do you find yourself swooning and talking baby talk when you meet a puppy? These toy dog breeds stay small...

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9 Dogs That Look Like Bears

We just want to hug and squeeze and pet and love on these fluffy, puffy dogs that look like bears.

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25 Fluffy Dog Breeds with Cloud-Like Coats

If your idea of the perfect dog involves lots of fluff and puff, take a look at these adorable dog...

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7 Hairless Dog Breeds That Make Great Pets

Allergy sufferers, take note: With these hairless dog breeds, you don't have to skip a snuggly pet pal for the...

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12 Dog Breeds with Beautiful Blue Eyes

Blue eyes in dogs are a rare physical trait that make for a very striking appearance.

10 Adorable Black and White Dog Breeds That Are Too Cute to Ignore

When it comes to pups, the black and white color combo is an all-time classic.

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17 Too-Cute Teacup Dog Breeds

These teensy-weensy teacup dogs are too cute for their own business! But there's a lot you should know before you...

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13 of the Fastest Dog Breeds in the World

Looking for a pooch to keep up on your bike rides or trail runs? We've found the fastest dog in...

12 Dogs with Floppy Ears That Are Irresistibly Cute

Basset hounds and beagles are only just the beginning.

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10 Orange Cat Breeds You’ll Fall in Love With

Meowza! Nothing draws your attention like the head-turning coat of an orange cat.

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44 Cutest Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Adopt

If you're looking to adopt a feline friend or just scroll through adorable pictures, these cute cats are just what...

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23 of the Cutest Black Dog Breeds

These pretty pooches will melt your heart!