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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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How to Teach a Dog to Roll Over—and Build on Your Bond in a Fun Way

Dog tricks aren't just for impressing guests. Teaching your dog how to roll over can boost their confidence, keep them mentally stimulated and strengthen your bond.

How to Stop Your Cat from Bullying Another Cat

Does your sweet kitty turn into an overbearing jerk when his feline sibling enters the room? Here's how to stop...

Why Do Dogs Bark at Other Dogs?

Facts are facts: Dogs are going to bark. But understanding why dogs bark at other dogs can help you decode...

How Long Can a Dog Stay in a Crate?

Crate training offers plenty of benefits for you—and your furry friend. Here are the pros' tips for doing it properly,...

How to Stop a Dog from Peeing in the House

A new pup is a joyful addition to the home—one that may need to learn some manners. Here's some expert...

Warning Signs Your Dog Is Suffering from Heat Stroke—and What to Do About It

Heat stroke in dogs can be deadly if left untreated. Here are the warning signs to look out for—and how...

How to Teach a Dog to Fetch—and Actually Bring Back the Ball

Want to teach your dog to fetch? The right toy, tons of treats and these simple steps will set up...

130+ Cute Bunny Names That Are Completely Ear-resistible

Adopting a rabbit? These adorable, clever and funny bunny names will have you and your favorite fluffball hopping with joy!

Can Dogs Eat Ice Cream? Here’s What the Experts Say

Dogs love ice cream as much as we do, but should they be eating it? Here's everything you need to...

Can Dogs Eat Popcorn? Here’s What Vets Say

Movie night isn't complete without a big bowl of freshly popped kernels. But can dogs eat popcorn—or should you keep...

Can Dogs Eat Bananas? Here’s What Vets Say

Your dog can't wait to get its paws on that potassium-rich fruit you're peeling. But can dogs eat bananas? We've...

Can Dogs Eat Eggs? Here’s What Vets Say

Can dogs eat eggs? Well, of course they can. But the question is: Should they?

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How to Train a Cat: A Guide to Training Your Feline to Respond to Commands and Curb Bad Behaviors

Yes, you can train a cat to come on command, walk on a leash and more—and it's all much easier...

How to Keep Cats Away from Plants and Protect Your Indoor Oasis

Learn six effective techniques for how to keep cats away from plants—plus five methods you should never try

How to Keep Cats Out of Your Yard and Garden

Is your garden the favorite hangout spot for local felines? Learn how to keep cats out of your yard with...

How to Keep Cats Away from the Christmas Tree

These expert tips will help cat-proof your Christmas tree

110+ Adorable Hamster Names Perfect for Your Pint-Size Pet

Any old pet name won’t do—you need an adorable hamster name for your sweet, little fluffball

Why Are Dogs Scared of Fireworks—and How Can You Calm Them Down?

The 4th of July isn’t always fun for our four-legged friends. A little understanding about why dogs are afraid of...

8 Best Dog Foods for Allergies, According to Experts

We asked vets to recommend the best dog food for allergies to keep your sensitive pup healthy and happy

Having This One Thing in My Pet First Aid Kit Saved My Pet’s Life

A terrifying wasp attack proves the importance of having a pet first aid kit

5 Best Dog Food Toppers To Keep Your Pup Happy and Healthy

These dog food toppers are made using natural ingredients and add a boost of nutrition and flavor at mealtimes.

7 Best Elevated Dog Beds To Keep Your Pup Cool While Lounging Outside

Your pup wants to spend the summer outside—with you! Help them stay cool, clean and comfy with these elevated dog...

5 Best Dog Cooling Vests and Bandanas to Prevent Your Dog from Overheating

Heatstroke can be fatal for dogs, but you can protect them and have a fun summer in the sun by...

How to Stop Your Cat from Peeing on the Carpet

Is your cat peeing on the carpet? The first step toward solving this problem is figuring out its reasons...

130+ Clever Names for Your Pet Fish That Are Fin-tastic

Casting about for some good fish names for your new water-bound bestie? Lucky for you, we've rounded up the best...

185+ Bird Names That Soar Above the Rest

Why do people say "for the birds" like it's a bad thing? All these bird names, which are very much...

5 Best Dog Shoes for Summer To Protect Your Pup’s Paws

When the temperatures soar, pavement becomes dangerously hot for puppy paws. Choose dog shoes for summer fun to protect precious...