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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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    1,000 Miles Couldn’t Keep this Dog and Her Pup Apart

    A chance TV news spot reunited this bonded pair after a tragic separation.

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    The Story of an Adopted Pet Dog Who Adopted His Own Pet Dog

    Whoobie loved his owner so much, he thought it might be fun to have a little pet of his own.

    Meet One Family’s Blind Pet Deer and Her Seeing-Eye Poodle

    Willie is Dillie’s eyes, and Dillie is Willie’s whole heart.

    How Blue, the Big Yella Fella, Helped Turned This Veteran’s Life Around

    Military service and decades of humanitarian work left Robert MacPherson with PTSD. Blue helped him accept and overcome it.

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    How One Pig Became a Town Mascot, and the Best Friend She Made Along the Way

    Porkchop and Harley may have been two different species, but they had one big thing in common: snackin’.

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    This Horse Went from Hiding in the Woods to Seeing Himself Out the Front Door

    In 1980, my husband put a motor in a gentleman’s car. In exchange, we got a young, untrained horse.

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    The Girl and the Sheep Who Took the Town (and Homecoming Court) by Storm

    Esther the goat was loved as a daughter and treated as a queen.

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    This Desert Tortoise Puts the “Forever” in BFF

    Our family has had a relationship with an ancient desert tortoise for over 50 years.

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    10 Best Dry Foods for Cats, According to Vets

    Feeding your precious feline the healthiest dry cat food can be a daunting prospect with so many options on the...

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    10 Orange Cat Breeds You’ll Fall in Love With

    Meowza! Nothing draws your attention like the head-turning coat of an orange cat.

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    16 Plants That Are Poisonous to Dogs

    Your dog doesn’t know to stay away from them, which is why they shouldn’t be anywhere in your home or...

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    Are Cats Nocturnal?

    It certainly might seem that way when Kitty is scampering around while you're trying to sleep. But what does the...

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    The Best Dog Food Brands Veterinarians Feed Their Own Pets

    Veterinarians want the best for their dogs, of course, and so do you. What these vets feed their fur babies...

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    I’m a Vet—And These Are the Only Dog Nail Clippers I Use

    Trim your dog or cat's nails at home with these clippers that pros recommend.

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    12 Easy Ways to Hide Your Cat’s Litter Box

    Take your cat furniture from stinky to stylish.

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    50 of the Most Popular Girl Dog Names

    If you're going to bring a new puppy home soon, browse through these popular girl dog names to find the...

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    50 of the Most Popular Boy Dog Names

    Planning to bring home a new boy puppy in the new few months? Here are some of the most popular...

    How the Dog Nobody Wanted for 17 Months Became a School’s Unofficial Mascot

    When Higgins was found, he had been dumped on the side of the road and appeared aggressive—but with some TLC...

    40 Dinosaur Jokes for Every Laugh-O-Saurus

    We've had about 65 million years to brainstorm these roaring good jokes.

    Nine Lives, Three Legs, and One Very Special Bond

    These two kittens, Mozzarella and Toast, went through a lot together and are a package deal.

    Meet the Pitbull Who Became Her Family’s Caretaker

    "At that moment, Emmy Lou came up to me and put my whole wrist in her mouth. She was hugging...

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    44 Cutest Cat Breeds You’ll Want to Adopt

    If you're looking to adopt a feline friend or just scroll through adorable pictures, these cute cats are just what...

    After This Man Rescued a Cow from a Dairy Farm, the Two Developed the Most Unbelievable Friendship

    Meet Ryan and his 1,000-pound bestie: Jenna the cow. She's brought joy to his life—and also brought him together...

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    100 Boy Cat Names That Are Simply Purr-Fect

    We're not kitten: these boy cat names are winners!

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    This Ornery Pig Didn’t Like Anyone Until One Unlikely Creature Was Determined to Be Her Friend

    All of our animals were scared of our pig, but our tabby cat was determined to become friends with her.