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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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    7 Amazing Hero Pets

    Inspiring stories on four legs: These animals prove that some furry friends can make all the difference.

    Hero Pets: A Pig That Calms Special-Needs Kids

    For special-needs students in San Francisco, pot-bellied pig Buttercup provides comfort—and a bit of fun.

    Hero Pets: A Herd of Elephants Mourns Its Helper

    Connections between man and beast can run deep, as one family learned after saving elephants in South Africa.

    Hero Pets: A Little Girl’s Lifeline Is Her Dog

    For young Alida Knobloch, loyal pooch Mr. Gibbs is a true lifesaver.

    Hero Pets: A Lion’s Big Heart

    Jupiter the lion may weigh in at 550 pounds, but his demeanor with handler Ana Julia Torres proves that even...

    Fat Pets Get Fit: 17 Amazing Makeovers

    These pets are just a bit fluffy.

    For Beagle Brigades, the Nose Knows

    Last night's NBC Nightly News with Brian Williams ran a special report on Beagle Brigades, adorable teams of rescue beagles...

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    Happy Ending for Kitten Saved by Miracle Dog

    This cool cat is indebted to this dog.

    Urgent: Adorable Kittens Boost Brainpower!

    Next time you have a pile of work to get done, find some baby animals to "ooo and ahh" over...

    Where the Buffalo Still Roam

    Every year, visitors from around the world migrate to South Dakota’s Custer State Park to witness 1,000 buffalo rumble across

    Four Great Books for Dog Lovers

    I’ll admit it: Dogs are my weakness. It wasn’t always this way. But  I have a boy who needed a dog. So,

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    A World of Cute: Baby Pandas, Happy Elephants and More

    We’re been big on baby pandas in our house ever since Tai Shan made his debut at the National Zoo

    Sea Otters: Adorable Partners in the Fight Against Global Warming

    These cuddly creatures might save the climate.

    Pooches Pose for Doggone Funny Pics

    I have a guinea pig, and it’s arguably the most serious beast I’ve ever laid eyes on. It’s more likely...

    Here’s a Guaranteed Mood-Booster

    Our Beautiful World and Universe, a Facebook "community page about Mother Nature," never fails to delight with its gorgeous images...

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    Encyclopedia Farmica: Read This, Don’t Step in That

    For a dose of delight in the closing days of summer, I recommend  Barynard Confidential: An A to Z Reader of

    The Suite Life—For Dogs

    I had just about gotten used to the term “doggie day care” as a euphemism for “kennel” when I read...

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    Animal Experts: Link Between Their and Our Health Problems

    As a UCLA physician and Los Angeles Zoo consultant, Barbara Natterson-Horowitz began to notice striking similarities between health problems in

    Love Unleashed: Our Favorite Dog Stories

    From Tim Tebow, Dean Koontz, and more: inspirational stories to make any pet lover weak in the knees.

    Dog Stories: Dean Koontz’s Five Favorite Canine Books

    The famous author and dog lover recommends top inspirational stories to read now.

    Dog Stories: Roma on Her Adored Master, Steve Madden

    A dearly departed doggy shares an inspirational story with the guy who played fetch all those years.

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    What Does Your Dog Breed Say About Your Personality?

    We all love those pictures of people who look like their pets, but I’m also kind of obsessed with a

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    Dog Stories: Tim Tebow on Otis, His Comeback Dog

    We know him for football and his faith, but long before he was famous on the field, Tebow showed true...

    Photo Essay: Feather Fancy

    Quills, plumes, bristles, down: Birds have the best outerwear on earth. A look at its magnificent variety and function.

    The Guardian Cats of St. Petersburg

    These cats are heaven-sent.

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    Funny Pictures of Dogs in Tutus

    Lace up your toe shoes, and sing along to these cute dog ballerinas and their matching pop song quotes.

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    The Lolcat’s Meow

    Next month, the Internet phenomena of adorable cats doing painfully cute things—like fitting themselves into way-too-tiny boxes and creeping up