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Whether you have a fur baby you adore, are thinking of getting one, or are just an animal lover, this is the place for you. We’ve got answers to your pet questions and advice, fascinating facts about creatures big and small, and, yes, cute pictures.

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    5 Ways to Keep Cats and Dogs Away from Your Garden

    Furious over feline intruders? Try one of these solutions.

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    7 Steps to Finding the Perfect Dog

    1. Decide on horsepower. The biggest mistake people make is selecting a dog without considering its energy level. There are

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    The Cat Who Could Predict Death

    He was just an ordinary black-and-white tabby, adopted from an animal shelter. Oscar was one of six cats that lived

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    15 Signs of Puppy (and Kitty) Love for Valentine’s Day

    Give your pet a treat and hug this February 14th too! And check out these super-cute cats and dogs showing...

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    12 Funny Party Dogs

    Laugh with these dogs celebrating their birthdays in grand style.

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    12 Funny Dog Costumes

    Pooches pose as superheroes, prison inmates, witches and more in these funny dog costume photos.

    Father Kills Bear to Save Son

    Just a few more steps, a few … more … steps. Crouched in a thick stand of pines above the

    ChiChi the Chihuaha Mix is the 2009 Hero Pet of the Year

    Last October, 13-pound ChiChi proved to be more than just a pretty face when he alerted his owners to two...

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    The Hero Pet of the Year Is…

    Meet the winner of the Reader's Digest 2009 Hero Pet of the Year contest. ChiChi, the chihuahua mix, alerted his...

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    Meet 5 Hero Pets

    A Bird's Way With WordsWillie, the Quaker parrot, rescued two-year-old Hannah Kuusk of Denver, Colorado, who was choking on a

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    12 Funny Cat Cartoons

    Funny felines are the star of these hilarious cartoons showcasing the easy life of cats.

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    Cute Friend Quotes Between Cats and Dogs

    Who says cats and dogs can't get along? These readers' pictures prove Fido and Fluffy can be best friends, too.

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    Shark! How One Surfer Survived an Attack

    Silver fog blanketed California’s Monterey Bay on a late August morning last year. For Todd Endris, it was a perfect

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    Vote for the Most Amazing Pet

    We received some truly inspiring entries in our Most Amazing Pets contest. But only one can take home top honors....

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    Hero Pets

    At 150 pounds, Dasiey the pig is no pushover. When an escaped dog charged at her beloved owner Jordan, she

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    Wild Animal Sanctuary

    Some 25,000 wild animals live in captivity outside U.S. zoos, many horribly abused.

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    Best Animal Instinct

    The Fall Danelle Ballengee opened the truck’s door, and Taz jumped out, wagging his tail. Today they were going to

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    Doggie Training Dos and Don’ts

    Cesar Millan, the Dog Whisperer, is a canine shrink with an uncanny ability to turn even the most aggressive pooch

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    Pet Odor 101

    We love our cats and dogs, but hate cleaning up after them. Don Aslett, author of the new Pet Clean-Up

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    Keep Pets Calm In a Storm

    Thunder rumbles, and your pooch cowers under the kitchen table. How can you help? Pets take their cues from us,

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    Insect Repellent for Pets

    You slather your kids with insect repellent before they go outside, but what about your pets? Dogs and cats can

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    True Stories of Hero Pets

    These lifesaving pets will amaze and inspire you!

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    How to Freshen Your Pet’s Breath

    Your pet’s bad breath may be more than just an annoyance, warns Alexander Reiter, DVM, of the American Veterinary Dental

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    Keep Your Pets Safe This Holiday Season

    Before you deck your halls, think of your pet — many festive touches can be dangerous. “Our cat ate baby

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    5 New Holiday Fashions for Your Pet

    From festive Santa bandanas to red and green collars -- stylish accessories to get your pooch in vogue for the...

    A Clean House with Pets: 4 Tips

    Worried about pets making a mess, keep you home clean with these easy tips.

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    More Hero Pets

    Whether they help us through an emotionally difficult time or physically rescue us, pets can be not only our best