Real Life Stories

You’ve got to read it to believe it! These true stories seem almost too good to be true, but we promise that we couldn’t make these up. From love to loss and from survival to unbelieavable coincidences—we’ve got the wildest stories to keep you informed, entertained, and inspired.

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My Dad Sent Me a Fruitcake Every Year for Christmas. The Last One Didn’t Arrive Until a Year A...

My father resembled a fruitcake. One year, he even sent one. It never arrived.

18 True Christmas Miracles That Will Restore Your Hope for the Holidays

These true stories prove that a well-timed letter, a handful of pennies, or a single gust of wind can make...

24 Stories About Meeting Santa That Will Fill You with the Christmas Spirit

Santa Claus has a lot of kids to visit each year, but he never fails to get his job done....

What It’s Really Like to Be a Hallmark Holiday Writer

Ever wonder who comes up with those sweet stories of snow, St. Nick, serendipity, and soulmates? It's authors like Barbara...

27 Amazing Miracles in Real Life

From simple everyday joys to amazing new leases on life, readers share their most poignant moments of joy.

13 Sweet Vintage Letters to Santa—from Almost 100 Years Ago

Sweet, vintage letters to Santa from Texas farm kids recall a simpler, more generous time.

10 Christmas Stories That Will Melt Your Heart

Delightful tales to help you embrace the spirit of the season

This Family Tradition Brought an Entire Community Together One Tragic Christmas

Sometimes, taking the extra time to hug someone and ask them about their day means more than you think.

We Were a Poor Family—but My Parents Still Managed to Give Me the Greatest Gift of All

Love, joy, and the warm feeling of pulling together to rally through tough times don't cost a thing. But gifts...

These Are the Christmas Battles Every Family Wages Each Year

Not everyone gets the Christmas they want, but everyone gets the Christmas they deserve.

This Young Soldier Received a Heartwarming Christmas Greeting—When He Thought He Had Made a Mistake

The sergeant was parked outside a Christmas mass when a transmission from an unfamiliar radio call sign broke in.

How to Celebrate a Winter Holiday, According to a Florida Transplant

In most states, Santa's sleigh is pulled by reindeer. In Florida, it's pulled by ... wait for it ... horses!...

This Inspiring Story Proves It Is Possible to Find Joy in the Holidays After a Devastating Loss

After losing her 3-year-old to cancer, a grieving mother discovers that the secret to surviving Christmas is to keep making...

This Mom’s Poem Is a Brilliant Way to Teach Kids the Truth About Santa

Could it be possible that Santa is real and works through the hands of parents?

When My Mom Collected Ornaments, She Collected Memories

Her mom collected ornaments every year when she and her siblings were growing up.

Why This Town’s Featured Christmas Decoration Is a Tractor

Struck by tragedy in the winter of 1937, this family formed a Christmas tradition that's continued ever since.

A Grieving Soldier Is Visited By the Divine In This Unforgettable Christmas Classic

A struggling patient teaches a student nurse that miracles come in many sizes.

How the Gift I Wanted Least Became the One I Needed Most

The flimsy package didn't contain the ice skates that I wanted. Instead it was bursting with magic.

The Year My Mother Saved Christmas—With a Sad, Threadbare Tree

We had very little that Christmas, but Mom managed to pull off a holiday I will never forget.

Pennies From Heaven—A Christmas Miracle

A skeptical journalist begins to find miraculous rare pennies from her deceased father.

This Soldier’s Long Walk Home Was the Best Christmas Present for His Little Girl

Surprise reunions are extra special during the holiday season.

This Small-Town Post Office Was Almost Shut Down, But Now It’s a Christmas Destination.

People from around the world send their mail here for Angel Station's special Christmas postal stamp.

11 of the Most Inspired and Meaningful Holiday Gifts Ever Received

We asked you to tell us the most thoughtful, meaningful, and/or inspiring holiday gifts you've ever received, and thanks guys,...

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This Sales Clerk’s Story Will Make You Long for a Small-Town Christmas

Mr. Johnson showed up at the last-minute every year on Christmas Eve, but this sales clerk had done her homework...

Warning: You Will Want to Steal This Family’s Quirky “Yule Chicken” Tradition

When this family's annual Thanksgiving game went awry, the fun lasted all year long.

This Message in a …. Christmas Ornament… Is a True Story of Love

Inside an old blue glass ball lay the heart of a marriage.

When Money Was Tight on Christmas, God Sent Them a Tree

This mom saw beauty and opportunity in an unlikely place one Christmas.

This Man Hangs Christmas Lights for Families Who’ve Lost Loved Ones

He warms the holidays for families too filled with grief to celebrate on their own.

Wow! This Dad Made Handmade Guitars for His Whole Family for Christmas

The living room was filled with strumming guitars and grateful hearts as they admired their keepsakes.