Real Life Stories

You’ve got to read it to believe it! These true stories seem almost too good to be true, but we promise that we couldn’t make these up. From love to loss and from survival to unbelieavable coincidences—we’ve got the wildest stories to keep you informed, entertained, and inspired.

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How Being Single for Years Made Me a Better Partner

Years of singledom teach us more than what we want in a partner—they also teach us how to be a great one when the right person comes along.

This Veteran Found His Long-Lost Love After 75 Years

Grab a tissue. This romance between a World War II veteran and his long-lost love spans decades and proves that...

From Kindergarten to Cancer, This Love Story Defies All of Life’s Struggles

The soldier never forgot his childhood crush, and once they reunited, neither war nor illness would keep them apart.

How I Learned to Love the Real Me

Her distinctive nose cast a shadow on her confidence until wisdom intervened.

8 Outrageous Marriage Proposals You Have to Read to Believe

Some grooms to be are really willing to go the extra mile to surprise their potential brides, so much so...

This Message in a …. Christmas Ornament… Is a True Story of Love

Inside an old blue glass ball lay the heart of a marriage.

This Story Will Remind You Exactly How Your First Crush Felt, Heartbreak and All

The way this woman fell for her handsome, guitar-playing British neighbor is so relatable—and adorable.

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The Beautiful Girl Next Door Absolutely Refused Go on a Date with Me. Now She’s My Wife.

This persistent man started calling her the "No" Girl because of all her rejections. One rainy day, she finally said...

She Breached National Security to Reconnect with the Love of Her Life

After decades of devotion, George and Lorraine renewed their vows in 1995.

Getting in Trouble in 10th-Grade English Class Got Her a Seat Next to the Love of Her Life

In 10th-grade English, she talked her way into getting up close and personal.

How “West Side Story” Led to This Couple’s Forbidden Love Story

Perseverance paid off after a protective dad put up barrier between them.

Awww! This Woman Would Never Have Met Her Husband If Not for Her Teenage Pen Pal

Avid letter writing gave this woman many experiences, including true love.

This World War II Veteran Had the Best Homecoming Ever: Love at First Sight

He met his soon-to-be bride right outside FJ&G Railroad where he worked.

A Heartwarming Lesson in Devotion, Courtesy of the Geese in My Front Yard

The bond shared by a pair of geese was stronger than the instinct for survival.

He Made a New Friend in Night School. Two Years Later, They Eloped.

Love has no limits in this six-decade long romance.

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This Woman Destroyed Her Wedding Dress—and Turned It Into Something Amazing.

Twenty-four people have used the gown since she redesigned it. Who will be next?

This Daring Receptionist Pursued Her Crush With a Christmas Card. It Worked.

Good thing she followed her mother's advice and sent a card!

This Couple Met At The Doctor’s Office—But They Didn’t Realize It Until They Were Married

Fate has a funny way of bringing people together—and breaking their collarbones.

I Was in Korea. My Girlfriend Was in Arizona. Her Kindness Saved Orphans 6,000 Miles Away.

Ruth French's kindness in wartime made me fall in love all over again.

This Man Lied About a Library Book to Talk to a Girl. She Became His Wife of 56 Years.

Their relationship might have started with a little white lie, but 56 years later, he has no regrets.

Talk About Lucky! This Couple Ended Up Together Because She Went to the Wrong Military Base.

Sometimes a stupid mistake can lead to the best decision you ever made.

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Her Last-Minute Dance Date Was Muddy, Shaggy, and Grossly Unshaven. But She Fell in Love With Him An...

Donna Groth normally didn’t go on blind dates, and when she first met Dave, she knew why. But her impression...

Awwwww! After 75 Years, These Grade School Sweethearts Are Finally Reunited

They even drove back to the schoolyard where it all began!

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I Was Engaged to Be Married. Nine Days Later, I Wed a Different Man. Here’s Why.

When this couple first met, he insisted he was going to marry her.

I Was Afraid to Tell My Grandmother I Was Gay. Her Reaction Left Me Speechless.

For years, I lived in fear that my conservative grandmother would discover I was gay. Once she did, the reality...