Real Life Stories

You’ve got to read it to believe it! These true stories seem almost too good to be true, but we promise that we couldn’t make these up. From love to loss and from survival to unbelieavable coincidences—we’ve got the wildest stories to keep you informed, entertained, and inspired.

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10 People Who Literally Came Back to Life

Thanks to state of the art medical technology—like defibrillators in nearly every place of business—life after death is more possible than ever. Check out these incredible tales from the other side—and what the survivors experienced.

11 People Who Came Back to Life Reveal What They Saw on “the Other Side”

It's the question we've all asked: What happens after death? These people say they have an idea.

The Computer on This Plane Malfunctioned, Putting 315 in a Life-or-Death Situation

When a “psycho” computer on a jumbo airliner goes rogue and grabs control from the pilot, 315 people find themselves...

The Simple but Powerful Way This Social Worker Comforted a Grieving Widower

As he helps a shattered man face his wife’s death, 
the author is inspired by an old message.

La Crosse, WI

A perfect model for America, La Crosse is honest, sincere, and most importantly, kind. The people of La Crosse have...

A Family Almost Drowned—Until Beachgoers Formed a Human Chain to Save Their Lives

When two boys are sucked into a rip 
current off Florida’s Gulf Coast, their fellow beachgoers crowdsource 
a risky scheme...

This Inspiring Story Proves It Is Possible to Find Joy in the Holidays After a Devastating Loss

After losing her 3-year-old to cancer, a grieving mother discovers that the secret to surviving Christmas is to keep making...

A Grieving Soldier Is Visited By the Divine In This Unforgettable Christmas Classic

A struggling patient teaches a student nurse that miracles come in many sizes.

Pennies From Heaven—A Christmas Miracle

A skeptical journalist begins to find miraculous rare pennies from her deceased father.

This Man Hangs Christmas Lights for Families Who’ve Lost Loved Ones

He warms the holidays for families too filled with grief to celebrate on their own.

Lessons About Living from People Who Spend Time with the Dying

Encountering death so closely every day leads to serious life inspiration that we all need to hear.

My Grandma Is the Only Person I Know That Would Order a Beer On Her Death Bed

She hasn't had solid food in weeks, but she says, "I'll have a Sapporo."

I Was Kidnapped By a Terrorist in Iraq. This Is How I Survived.

He thought he was getting on a bus to go home, but he soon realized he was headed for his...

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This Powerful Story Will Convince You to Stop Saying “Let Me Know If You Need Anything”

What does someone who has suffered a sudden trauma and grief most need?

This Little Girl’s Love of Elderly People Will Melt Your Heart

When a four-year-old bumps into a widower at the grocery store, the karma is instant—and everlasting.

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Armed Robbers Kidnapped Me in My Hometown. This Is How I Survived.

Back when he played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL player Earl Wolff had a near-death experience he was sure would...

His Prize Rooster Was Close to Death. Then, a Christmas Miracle.

One night before Christmas, a boy set Santa aside and prayed for his pet.

She Dreaded the First Christmas After Her Husband’s Death. Then, an Unexpected Guest Changed E...

"An incredible peace came over me, and I felt the love of God and family in a new way."

A Husband’s Tragic Death Leaves His Wife With an Unforgettable Sign

Do you believe in signs? This wife's experience may just convince you.

Heart-Wrenching: This Mother Adopts Terminally Ill Babies So They Don’t Have to Die Alone

When foster infants at the Children's Hospital of Wisconsin need hospice care, this woman takes them into her home and...

When This Young Widow Discovered She Was Pregnant Again, a TV Game Show Saved Her Life.

"Queen For A Day" was one of TV's weirdest shows ever. Here's how I won it.

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This Woman Chose to Commemorate Her Father After His Death in the Sweetest Way Possible

For years, this father's little fishing cabin played a huge role in his daughter's life. When he passed away and...

A Widow Went White Water Rafting With Her Husband’s Ashes. What Happened Next Was Devastatingly Beau...

How Neshama Franklin wound up paying tribute to her late husband—and healing herself in the process.

Meet the Woman Who Gives Rescued Farm Animals a Second Chance at Life

Many of the animals at Jenny Brown's Woodstock Farm Sanctuary had been abandoned, injured, and at death's door. Now, they...

This Man Draws Portraits of Dying Babies to Bring Peace to Grieving Parents

When families experience their worst nightmare—losing a child—Luigi Quintos comforts them through art.

Real-Life Ghost Story: Her Husband Had Been Dead For a Year. Then His Handprint Appeared on the Mirror.

This widow's chilling true tale will make you seriously question the afterlife.

A Fire, A Grieving Family, and the Kind Strangers Who Saved Photos—and Memories

When photos are all that remain after an unthinkable tragedy, a team of experts cleans away the ashes.