Holiday Stories

Tis the season for joy, giving, and stressful family gathering. If you’re looking for a little cheer and good-will, look no further. We’ve got the stories to get you in the holiday spirit!

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    When Money Was Tight on Christmas, God Sent Them a Tree

    This mom saw beauty and opportunity in an unlikely place one Christmas.

    This Man Hangs Christmas Lights for Families Who’ve Lost Loved Ones

    He warms the holidays for families too filled with grief to celebrate on their own.

    Wow! This Dad Made Handmade Guitars for His Whole Family for Christmas

    The living room was filled with strumming guitars and grateful hearts as they admired their keepsakes.

    After a Christmas Disaster, This Family Accidentally Grew the Most Beautiful Tree Ever

    A young girl’s craft project sprouts a homegrown Christmas tree.

    This Dad Makes Halloween Costumes For Kids in Wheelchairs–and You NEED to See Them

    How one man’s beautiful vision is becoming a reality for children with disabilities across the country.

    Finally! Here’s What the Saying ‘Yes Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus’ Means

    One news editor reminds us to never stop believing in miracles.

    A Mysterious Dog Wandered onto Their Porch. Now, They Believe He Was a Christmas Angel.

    The mysterious, squirrel-chasing visitor brought comfort and joy to a troubled Christmas season.

    One Family’s Homemade Mint Candies Are Now Sold Nationwide Every Christmas

    An Oregon farmer keeps tradition alive with fresh holiday treats.

    The Smallest Bit of Tinsel Kept This Family’s Christmas Tradition Alive for 40 Years

    Growing up, we never had an artificial Christmas tree—or a cut one, for that matter. Instead, about a week before

    He Had to Give His Parents Christmas Presents in October, and the Reason Will Warm Your Heart

    An early present brought their family together to celebrate the holiday twice.

    His Prize Rooster Was Close to Death. Then, a Christmas Miracle.

    One night before Christmas, a boy set Santa aside and prayed for his pet.

    She Dreaded the First Christmas After Her Husband’s Death. Then, an Unexpected Guest Changed E...

    "An incredible peace came over me, and I felt the love of God and family in a new way."

    This Impoverished Family Would Have Missed Christmas if Not for One Inspiring Group of High School S...

    During the Great Depression, this teenager learned that it truly is more fulfilling to give than to receive.

    An Injured Solider Was About to Spend Thanksgiving Alone in the Hospital. Here’s How It Turned Into ...

    An injured soldier stationed in Alaska finds comfort and fellowship while celebrating Thanksgiving away from home.

    This Daring Receptionist Pursued Her Crush With a Christmas Card. It Worked.

    Good thing she followed her mother's advice and sent a card!

    4 Heartwarming True Tales of Vintage Christmas Kindness

    These true stories from readers like you prove that, deep down, Christmas has always been about the joy of giving.

    “I Went From Scrooge to Santa”: A Magical Tale of Transformation

    Charles Edward Hall got the part of a lifetime when he was cast as Scrooge in the Radio City Christmas...

    A Holiday to Remember: Maya Angelou, Dan Rather, and More

    Here are a dozen memories, both large and small, the kind that make the holiday season unforgettable.

    6 Christmas Stories of Wonder and Love

    It's a perfect time to read about how other families experience the joy of the season.

    4 of the Best Viral Holiday Stories

    What happens when the Internet explodes with the joy of human kindness and Christmas spirit?

    Christmas in Captivity: A Story of Survival

    Imprisoned by Islamic extremists, she still found a way to celebrate the spirit of season—and find beauty and hope.

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    File Under Fuzzy: 5 Warm Christmas Gestures from Everyday Americans

    I can’t help but get that fuzzy feeling reading about these incredible holiday acts of kindness. What are the nicest

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    Dr. Phil Shares “The Holiday I’ll Never Forget.”

    A secret father-son pact still delights TV show host and author Phil McGraw decades later.

    Christmas Stories: The Gold and Ivory Tablecloth

    A pastor’s impulsive purchase leads to an incredible reunion. Coincidence—or divine guidance? You be the judge in this story of...

    Holiday Cheer for Military Families

    It's already that time of year: Starbucks' annual red cups are out in full force, our favorite candies now wear...