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Reader’s Digest has the stories to lift your spirits and fill you with hope in your darkest moments. We’ve promised to be a source of joy, and these stories deliver. From everyday heros to reunited long-lost siblings, we’ve got the stories to inspire you.

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    The Inspiring Story of How Frank McCourt Won a Pulitzer

    From his students, the teacher learned his lessons slowly but well.

    Everyday Heroes: The Blind Firefighter

    A blind man rescues a woman from a fire.

    How Good-Deed Videos Work to Inspire Kindness in Others

    Meet the friends behind GiveBackFilms.

    “I Gave Two Kidneys”

    Both her husband and father needed a kidney transplant. Julie Stitt had only one to give. Or did she?

    The Reunion That Took 77 Years to Happen

    A teenaged Minka Disbrow was forced to give her newborn daughter Betty Jane up for adoption in 1929, but she...

    Janitor Rescues 19 Seniors From Abandoned Center

    “I’d never want to see my parents or grandparents go through anything like that.”

    Everyday Heroes: “Marathon Queen” Raises $200,000

    A dedicated daughter does the extraordinary.

    “Things This Good Don’t Happen to Kids Like Us”

    I went to meet these two young athletes for a TV story I was doing. I stayed because I could...

    3 Everyday Acts of Generosity That Just Might Melt Your Heart

    Three acts of generosity inspire others around them.

    6 Stories of Divine Signs

    When our loved ones leave this world, does our connection with them end?

    Gamers Give Back: 3 Charities That Help Kids

    Looking for an inspired way to do good? Try one of these video game-centric charities.

    The Unsinkable Diana Nyad

    At 61, Diana Nyad attempted to swim 103 miles against three-foot waves, the threat of sharks, and her own demons....

    The Year of the Firefly

    This mysterious creature illuminates one man’s past and makes his present even sweeter.

    Joshua Miele: Inspiration from an Unthinkable Crime

    Joshua Miele's sight was stolen from him when he was a child. Forty years later, he's giving the blind a...

    How a Devastating House Fire Set Me Free

    What might've been a massive loss for blogger Vivienne Palmer turned into an inspiring opportunity to let go of baggage—both...

    5 Incredible Old Women Who Are Awesome at Life

    Age is just a number, and for these inspiring older ladies, life is just an adventure.

    Inspiring Story: Swimming in Socks

    Sportswriter Joe Posnanski strikes a deal with his noncompetitive daughter—and they both win.

    These Inspiring Photos Helped a Child with Muscular Dystrophy

    An amateur photographer helps a boy with muscular dystrophy achieve his dreams.

    Inspirational Stories: How 5 Extraordinary People Beat All Odds to Graduate

    When these strong, powerful people set their minds on higher learning, they wouldn't let everyday challenges get in their way....

    The Stranger Who Changed My Life: An Anonymous Kidney Donor

    You never know when a chance encounter will transform you.

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    6 Inspiring Stories: You’re Never Too Old to Dream

    These people prove that we can all definitely get better with age.

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    5 Amazing Stories of Things Lost, Then Found

    Thanks to the kindness of strangers, these precious lost objects were returned to their rightful (and thankful) owners.

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    6 Ways Social Media Made the World a Better Place

    More than cat pics: A brief look at social media history and the most significant ways networks like Facebook improved...

    Inspiring Stories: The Heroes of Hurricane Sandy

    When Sandy hit the East Coast, these American heroes sprang into action, proving that spirit can survive any storm.

    The Kindness of New Yorkers

    Here's one New York City police officer who just smashed the stereotype of the big city as cold and uncaring.

    Hometown Heroes: Building Homes for Disabled Veterans

    Back from war, two injured soldiers help other vets rebuild their lives.

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    Occupy Sandy: True Heroes in a Time of Crisis

    Stranded in my mom’s house during the worst storm to hit the East Coast in my lifetime, scouring social media,