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Reader’s Digest has the stories to lift your spirits and fill you with hope in your darkest moments. We’ve promised to be a source of joy, and these stories deliver. From everyday heros to reunited long-lost siblings, we’ve got the stories to inspire you.

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    The Birth of a Family

    What’s a single white guy doing with three Mexican kids? Making a loving family — and showing how foster adoption

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    Jacob Rice: Shoe Giver of Tampa

    Our hero: Jacob Rice, 15 Where he lives: Tampa, Florida How he helps: Getting shoes to kids in need Four

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    To Honor Those They Lost–9/11 Ten Years Later

    A decade after the devastating attacks, family, friends, and colleagues of terror’s victims are finding peace through service Liz and

    The Power of 1: Celebrating Inspirational People

    The Power of 1 Project celebrates brave, compassionate, and committed hometown heroes who have given their time, invested their talent,...

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    Inspiring Children at the Urban Studio Café

    Our hero: Claire Wolff, 25 Where she lives: St. Louis, Missouri Who she helps: Urban Studio Café At 21, Claire

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    Charlie Starbuck: Planting City Trees

    • Our hero: Charlie Starbuck, 74 • Where he lives: San Francisco, California • How he helps: Planting city trees

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    Farmers’ Friend: Bill Gross

    • Our hero: Bill Gross, 45 • Hometown: Seattle, Washington • How he helps: Aids needy farmers Bill Gross, an

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    California Teenager Grants Wishes to Terminally Ill Patients

    Our hero: Caitlin Crommet, 17 Where she lives: Rancho Santa Margarita, California How she helps: Grants wishes to terminally ill

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    Charlie Starbuck: The Lou Gehrig of Tree Planting

    Our hero: Charlie Starbuck, 74 Where he lives: San Francisco, California How he helps: Planting city trees Walk a block

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    Making Gardens for Breast Cancer Patients

    Our hero: Roberta Dehman Hershon, 60 Where she lives: Dedham, Massachusetts How she helps: Making gardens for breast cancer patients

    Digest Diet: Annette’s Weight-Loss Success Story

    People told Annette when she hit menopause, she would stop losing weight, so she teamed up with her daughter Dana...

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    Ainsworth, NE: A Better Library and Pool

    Learn how this small Nebraska town rallied its residents and earned a prize in the Reader's Digest We Hear You...

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    Crescent City, CA: Restoring a Devastated Harbor

    In 2011, residents of more than 50% of the cities, towns and villages in the U.S. cast their votes in

    5 Stories That Celebrate the Spirit of Giving

    Ten-year-old Riley Christensen and her mother, Lynn, were huddled in front of the family computer, checking out models and prices...

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    Games for Heroes: Lifting the Spirits of Troops Overseas

    We’re in this for the long haul,” says Peter. “We’ll ship games to our heroes until the last soldier comes...

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    Bob Haverstick: The Wish Master for the Greatest Generation

    Making wishes come true for senior citizens and terminally ill adults around the country.

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    Albion, MI: Reviving a Theater and Hosting Youth Activities

    In 2011, residents of more than 50% of the cities, towns and villages in the U.S. cast their votes in

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    Woman Who Lost Leg Finds Inspiration from Disabled Dolphin

    On a recent morning in Clearwater, Florida, Maja Kazazic peered down into a 73,000-gallon aquarium. For two years, she’d been

    The Heroes Rebuilding New Orleans

    Three years after Hurricane Katrina, die-hard citizens like these seven are bringing the city back to life.

    Hope for Deaf-Blind Triplets — Light in the Dark

    How parents of triplets found hope in a dismal situation.

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    True Stories: Inspiring Words from Real Couples

    The 1,001 men and women who participated in the Reader’s Digest Marriage in America Survey didn’t get paid to participate;

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    Michael Oher: Homeless Hero Becomes Academic Success

    The New Kid When Sean Tuohy saw the new kid sitting in the high school gym, he saw a boy

    RD on TV: Gracie’s Choice

    An inspirational story about a teen hero found a way to keep three brothers from being separated.

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    Everyday Hero: Jeff May

    The ninth-graders in Missy Dodds’s seventh-period study hall were restless that Monday afternoon, March 21, 2005. It was the last