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Reader’s Digest has the stories to lift your spirits and fill you with hope in your darkest moments. We’ve promised to be a source of joy, and these stories deliver. From everyday heros to reunited long-lost siblings, we’ve got the stories to inspire you.

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    This Police Officer Bought a Shoplifter Pizza for the Best Reason

    It was his first week on the job, but the officer couldn't punish a 12-year-old shoplifter after seeing where she...

    This Woman Is Raising Money to Open a Salon Accessible to People with Disabilities

    Cat Rongitsch, whose stepdaughter has spina bifida, dreams of a place where anyone can feel safe and comfortable getting a...

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    Meet the Amazing Woman Who Helps People Heal Through Teaching Them to Farm

    Meet the 2017 Country Woman of the year, Sherry Phillips Mitchell. The spotlight settled on a lifelong farm girl with...

    New York Launches Its First Girl Scout Troop for Homeless Girls

    The first-of-its-kind troop in the state is helping the homeless find a community while inspiring them to reach for the...

    The Local Gravedigger Who Saves Lives on His Days Off

    Johnny “Digger” Tucker has dug the graves of over 20,000 people.

    On His One Day Off a Week, A Florida Man Devotes Himself to Restoring Veterans’ Tombstones to Perfec...

    He spends weeks scrubbing away damage from the elements so veterans' graves can be properly honored.

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    This Powerful Story Will Convince You to Stop Saying “Let Me Know If You Need Anything”

    What does someone who has suffered a sudden trauma and grief most need?

    How Arts and Crafts Kept This Community Together After a Tragic Wildfire

    Tennessee’s oldest arts and crafts school survives (and thrives) after a fire tore through almost everything.

    This Woman Made It Her Life’s Mission to Rescue Donkeys

    Staci Greene opened her heart and ranch to donkeys.

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    8 Heartwarming Ways Teachers Have Gone Above and Beyond for Their Students

    Lesson-planning is just the beginning for these incredible role models.

    The Heartwarming Reason This Small-Town Mechanic Gave His Car to a Man He Only Knew for 10 Minutes

    A random act of kindness turned a lousy day into a beautiful one.

    This Little Girl’s Love of Elderly People Will Melt Your Heart

    When a four-year-old bumps into a widower at the grocery store, the karma is instant—and everlasting.

    The Remarkable Lesson a Teacher Taught Her Student—Decades After They Met in the Classroom

    I loved what she saw in me, which was a range of abilities I had never seen in myself.

    This Craftsman Has Made 145,000 Hammocks in 30 Years. Did We Mention He’s Blind?

    His company says he's never dropped a stitch in his whole career.

    Behold, the Old Barn that Was Transformed into a Basketball Court

    When they saw how their friends made an old barn the perfect space for a pickup game, this family decided...

    This Military Mom Was Murdered in Afghanistan. But the Final Gift She Left Her Daughter Will Last Fo...

    With a handful of videos, Lt. Florence Choe helped shape her daughter’s life–even after she lost her own.

    This Adopted Woman Searched for Her Birth Mother for 33 Years. How They Met Again Will Warm Your Heart.

    Last year, Ohio changed its law to give adopted children access to their birth certificates. For Julie Mooney, the result...

    He Was Left with Nothing in the Slums of India. Then He Met Someone Who Taught Him a Powerful Lesson.

    Leon Logothetis swapped his office job for a trek across America on five dollars a day, but even after his...

    This Victim of Cyber-Bullying Is Confronting Misogynists in the Coolest Way

    Every time she gets an insulting comment online, Emily Temple-Wood posts a biography of a female scientist.

    This Non-Profit Is Changing the Lives of 400,000 Foster Kids—One Duffle Bag at a Time

    When foster kids get shuttled from one placement to another, they often end up packing their belongings in garbage bags—and...

    18 Things I Learned From My Sister

    Family is great, but there's something especially special about having a sister. Whether it's learning about love, sharing, giving, or...

    This Cat Broke Out of an Animal Shelter to Find His Rescuer

    Ann Bosche didn't want to give her stray cat over to the animal shelter. Turns out, Mr. Fancy didn't want...

    How One Book Has Provided Orphans in Haiti with 30,000 Meals and Counting!

    Can a book really solve world hunger? Maybe not, but this one is practicing what it preaches, and feeding hungry...

    1,500 Feet in the Air, My Dad Gave Me This Confidence Boost I’ll Never Forget

    You cannot deny this father's love for his daughter after reading this story.

    When His Car Broke Down, a Stranger Taught Him the True Meaning of “Pay It Forward”

    Stranded on the side of the road, he was about to give up hope. Then a family pulled over to...