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Reader’s Digest has the stories to lift your spirits and fill you with hope in your darkest moments. We’ve promised to be a source of joy, and these stories deliver. From everyday heros to reunited long-lost siblings, we’ve got the stories to inspire you.

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    These Hero Pilots Volunteer to Fly the Very Sick to Help Save Their Lives

    How heroes take flight to lift others in their most difficult moments.

    This Choir Sings to People on the Verge of Dying, and It’s Just Beautiful

    How one extraordinary group provides comfort through music to those on the threshold of life.

    Meet 7 Extraordinary Kid Heroes Who Will Give You Hope

    These incredible kids and teens came to the rescue when it mattered most.

    Meet The Woman Who Throws Birthday Parties For Homeless Kids

    The Birthday Party Project is a nonprofit devoted to providing special days for the kids who need them most.

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    Meet the Photographer Who’s Using Her Skills to Help Neglected Dogs Find Homes

    Teresa Berg discovers how a little pampering can turn a dog's life around.

    The Incredible Lessons I Learned From My Son With Brain Damage

    A father comes to terms with the difficulties and joys of raising a son with brain damage.

    What These Teens Did For a Paralyzed War Veteran Will Bring Tears to Your Eyes

    When California high school students hear a wounded veteran’s story, they honor him the best way they know how: with...

    When Paramedics Needed a Sign Language Interpreter, This 11-Year-Old Stepped Up to Help

    Without a second thought, Yesenia Diosdado ran to the scene of a three-car accident to assist EMS workers who were...

    A Depressed Mother, A Lonely Daughter, and Mrs. Reese, the Neighbor Who Changed Their Lives

    My mother refused to let me play next door. Breaking the rules made all the difference.

    How a City Bus-Turned-Shower Station is Helping the Homeless Regain Their Dignity

    Doniece Sandoval convinced the city of San Francisco to donate four old buses and she raised money to turn them...

    She Invented a Coat to Help the Homeless In Brutal Winters, But Now It Has an Even Better Use

    Veronika Scott's brilliant insulated overcoats double as sleeping bags. But they've also created new jobs and opportunities for some of...

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    More Than 70,000 Dogs Live in America’s Research Labs. I Rescued One of Them.

    More than 70,000 dogs live in America’s research laboratories. Now there are seven fewer.

    “I Wish My Teacher Knew”: One Teacher’s Brilliant Plan to Give Underprivileged Stu...

    It's as simple as encouraging her students to write notes saying, "I wish my teacher knew..."

    3 Touching True Stories That Illustrate the Power of Acceptance

    These tales from the Moth, America's premier storytelling group, touch on the empowerment and humor that comes with accepting others—and...

    Sitting with a Soldier at the Airport, and the Life Lesson I’ll Never Forget

    When a young soldier sat next to Stacy Clark she never expected it would become such a meaningful moment.

    These 3 Teachers Gave Life Lessons You Can’t Find In a Textbook

    Readers remember their most influential teachers who continue to impact their lives long after graduation.

    A Man Is Released From Prison After 4 Years. This Is the Incredible Story of How He Reunited With Hi...

    In this classic bit of folklore reprinted from the January 1972 issue of Reader's Digest, a released prisoner rides a...

    A Fire, A Grieving Family, and the Kind Strangers Who Saved Photos—and Memories

    When photos are all that remain after an unthinkable tragedy, a team of experts cleans away the ashes.

    14 Short Stories About the Kindest, Bravest, Wisest Dads in the World

    In 100 words or less, readers share their poignant tales of the bond between father and child. Have a story...

    So I Let My Daughter Play With a Stranger at the Beach. And Then Learned This.

    My misguided fear about my child interacting with strangers led to a heartwarming discovery.

    How a Boy and His Telephone Operator Formed a Lovely, Lasting Friendship

    In this Reader's Digest Classic, originally published in 1966 as "The Voice in the Box," a little boy forges a...

    In Spite of Cerebral Palsy, One Man Made a Furious Climb Up Mount Kilimanjaro

    Diagnosed with cerebral palsy as an infant, Bonner Paddock had no shortage of rage. With braces on his legs, he...

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    She Lifted a Car Off Her Dad and Saved His Life

    Lauren Kornacki's father was working on a car when it fell of the jack, crushing him and knocking him unconscious....

    A Frustrating Plane Delay, and the Simple Baggie of Cookies That Made It All Better

    My delayed flight led to to a life-changing interaction.

    After Unimaginable Cruelty, How Toefu Became a Dog Whisperer to Help Others

    Can dogs learn from their misfortune? Here’s the story of Toefu the spaniel, who overcame her own abuse to help...

    This Photographer Is Saving Foster Kids One Photoshoot at a Time

    Read about the incredibly generous way Seattle photographer Jennifer Loomis is using her photography talents to help foster children find...