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Reader’s Digest has the stories to lift your spirits and fill you with hope in your darkest moments. We’ve promised to be a source of joy, and these stories deliver. From everyday heros to reunited long-lost siblings, we’ve got the stories to inspire you.

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    This Restaurant Seats Customers in a Dumpster to Raise Awareness About Food Waste

    At the Salvage Supperclub, ingredients include imperfect produce, and an entire six-course meal takes place in a Dumpster.

    After Her Little Girl Passed Away Unexpectedly, This Mom Started a Book Festival in Her Honor

    How one mother's tragedy inspired her to make a difference in the lives of other children.

    Doctors Thought This Disabled Boy Would Never Speak. Boy, Did Alexander Turner Prove Them Wrong.

    Alexander was a strangely motionless and silent baby, and doctors knew of fewer than 100 cases like his in the...

    He Was a Gangster. She Was His Prosecutor. Now Their Unlikely Friendship Is Changing Lives.

    DeQuandre Davis was doomed to a cycle of gang violence. Then everything changed.

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    This Retired Teacher Restored a One-Room Schoolhouse to Give Epic History Lessons

    Class is still in session for this retired teacher who gives history lessons in a one-room schoolhouse.

    Her Teacher Was Long Dead. Here’s Why This Student Wrote a Touching Thank-You Note Anyway.

    This teacher not only taught his class about the periodic table, but also inspiration and curiosity.

    Try Not to Cry While You Watch This 10-Year-Old Girl Get a Doll With a Prosthetic Leg Like Hers

    If this little girl's tears of joy don't warm your heart, nothing will.

    This Amazing School Is Teaching the Blind to “See”—By Using Their Tongues and Mimicking Dolphins!

    Sending out sonar to learn their surroundings is giving blind people a newfound independence.

    This Woman Picking Up Garbage on a Country Road Will Inspire You to Protect Your Corner of the Earth

    I thought she had stopped on the side of the road because of mechanical problems. The real reason was so...

    This Woman Won $500,000, and This Is the Absolutely Selfless Way She Chose to Spend It

    Heather McHugh wanted to use her MacArthur "genius grant" to help others.

    My Husband ALWAYS Leaves His Keys in the Ignition. Here’s Why That’s A Good Idea.

    Trust in your neighbors may be the best kind of home security there is.

    This 9-Year-Old Girl’s Walk to School Was Filled With Homeless People. So She Raised $14,000 f...

    Donating to Khloe Thompson's charity could help hundreds of people in need.

    The Utterly Brave Way a 9-Year-Old Student with Autism Saved His Teacher’s Life

    A little boy who adores superheroes had an opportunity to become one.

    This Army Veteran Was at Rock Bottom. Then a Cop Pulled Him Over and Changed His Life.

    Fred Johnson suffered from post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) after his deployment in Iraq. But it took a night in the...

    A Widow Went White Water Rafting With Her Husband’s Ashes. What Happened Next Was Devastatingly Beau...

    How Neshama Franklin wound up paying tribute to her late husband—and healing herself in the process.

    Impossible: How Our Itty Bitty Nebraska Town Raised $45,000 to Save Our Son’s Life

    Holden’s community gave him hope and support when he needed it most.

    That Time My Fifth Grade Classmate Stood Up to My Bullies and Became My Hero

    I will always remember how it felt when she spoke up for me.

    Beyond Inspiring: How One Woman’s Poem Saved an Entire Forest

    Can a few lines of verse rescue 
thousands of redwoods? That depends 
on who reads them.

    Meet the Woman Who Gives Rescued Farm Animals a Second Chance at Life

    Many of the animals at Jenny Brown's Woodstock Farm Sanctuary had been abandoned, injured, and at death's door. Now, they...

    A Store Clerk Offers Wisdom to an Impatient Customer: Cherish Your Mother

    "It's the little moments that'll come back to you. Moments like this. I know."

    These Volunteers Rush to the Scenes of Deadly Accidents to Comfort Victims Left Behind

    How heroes show up for people in their most vulnerable, loneliest moments.

    These Hero Pilots Volunteer to Fly the Very Sick to Help Save Their Lives

    How heroes take flight to lift others in their most difficult moments.

    This Choir Sings to People on the Verge of Dying, and It’s Just Beautiful

    How one extraordinary group provides comfort through music to those on the threshold of life.

    Meet 7 Extraordinary Kid Heroes Who Will Give You Hope

    These incredible kids and teens came to the rescue when it mattered most.