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Love is in the air at Reader’s Digest. We’ve got stories to make you swoon, laugh, pine, cry, and everything inbetween.

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    Getting in Trouble in 10th-Grade English Class Got Her a Seat Next to the Love of Her Life

    In 10th-grade English, she talked her way into getting up close and personal.

    How “West Side Story” Led to This Couple’s Forbidden Love Story

    Perseverance paid off after a protective dad put up barrier between them.

    Long Before Texting and Tinder, This Devoted Couple Used Rocks to Send Love Letters

    After losing his one and only true love, Grandpa's singing voice was never the same.

    Awww! This Woman Would Never Have Met Her Husband If Not for Her Teenage Pen Pal

    Avid letter writing gave this woman many experiences, including true love.

    This World War II Veteran Had the Best Homecoming Ever: Love at First Sight

    He met his soon-to-be bride right outside FJ&G Railroad where he worked.

    He Made a New Friend in Night School. Two Years Later, They Eloped.

    Love has no limits in this six-decade long romance.

    This Daring Receptionist Pursued Her Crush With a Christmas Card. It Worked.

    Good thing she followed her mother's advice and sent a card!

    This Couple Met At The Doctor’s Office—But They Didn’t Realize It Until They Were Married

    Fate has a funny way of bringing people together—and breaking their collarbones.

    This Man Lied About a Library Book to Talk to a Girl. She Became His Wife of 56 Years.

    Their relationship might have started with a little white lie, but 56 years later, he has no regrets.

    Talk About Lucky! This Couple Ended Up Together Because She Went to the Wrong Military Base.

    Sometimes a stupid mistake can lead to the best decision you ever made.

    Her Last-Minute Dance Date Was Muddy, Shaggy, and Grossly Unshaven. But She Fell in Love With Him An...

    Donna Groth normally didn’t go on blind dates, and when she first met Dave, she knew why. But her impression...

    Awwwww! After 75 Years, These Grade School Sweethearts Are Finally Reunited

    They even drove back to the schoolyard where it all began!

    The Story Behind This 51-Foot Long Love Letter Will Melt Your Heart a Little

    When Isabel Forlenza's beau was overseas in the Korean War, she wrote him every day on a big roll of...

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    I Was Engaged to Be Married. Nine Days Later, I Wed a Different Man. Here’s Why.

    When this couple first met, he insisted he was going to marry her.

    A Couple Spent Just $30 on Their Honeymoon to Maine—and Loved Every Minute Of It

    Newlyweds Terry and Jim Orcutt created honeymoon memories on vacation in Maine during the 1970s.

    Why Forgetting Their Anniversary Was the Best Thing This Couple Ever Did

    This couple's "every-other-year" anniversary rule is the best idea ever.

    The Best Love Letter I Ever Got Came From a Near-Deaf Crime Reporter

    In this true tale from the Moth, America's premier storytelling group, a woman recalls a humorous story from her early...

    “If You Find This Letter, Then It’s For You”: What It’s Like to Write Love L...

    Hannah Brencher left a note on the subway for a stranger. What came next was an abundance of love.

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    The Stranger Who Changed My Life: A Short Love Story

    In this true short love story, a party girl meets her match as she passes through Montana with a traveling...