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Survival Stories

In times of struggle and strife, humanity always finds a way. When the the clock runs low and the chips are down, these unbelieavable stories of survival will remind you of the strength of the human spirit.

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How I Got Run Over by an Eighteen Wheeler—and Survived

The last thing I remember before actually being run over was the hollow sound of my fist banging the side...

Two Pilots Save a Man Dangling from Another Plane in History’s Most Spectacular Mid-Air Rescue

Second Lieutenant Walter Osipoff was a seasoned parachutist. But one day, everything that could go wrong, did.

6 True Water Rescue Stories That Will Make You Rethink How You Swim

A sunny day at the pool, lake, or ocean can turn dangerous in seconds if you aren't aware of your...

I Was Kidnapped By a Terrorist in Iraq. This Is How I Survived.

He thought he was getting on a bus to go home, but he soon realized he was headed for his...

A Leisurely Hike Turned Into a 5-Day Nightmare After We Took a Wrong Turn

The author was looking forward to a day of hiking with her husband in a beautiful Texas state park. Four...

This Dog Miraculously Survived an Accident 1,400 Miles from Home—and Managed to Get Back

After Holly lost her beloved owner in an car accident far from home, their small hometown banded together in a...

The Hero Who Risked His Life to Save 32 Tourists from Burning Bus

Olav knew the smoke could be deadly to the trapped tourists, so the former firefighter sprung into action.

At 12,000 Feet, this Skydiver Had a Seizure. What His Instructor Did Next Saved His Life.

Christopher Jones is packed tightly into a Cessna 182 with a dozen or so other trainee skydivers as they fly

This 11-Year-Old Boy Saved His Friend From Being Kidnapped

One young boy’s bravery and quick thinking saves a little girl in the neighborhood from unimaginable consequences.

An Annual Ski Trip Turned Into a Quest for Survival

Despite their extraordinary wilderness skills, the Finnish couple were in grave danger.

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Ordering Dunkin’ Donuts Everyday May Have Saved This 78-Year-Old Man’s Life

Employees knew their beloved customer's favorite order and his birthday—but they didn't know they would end up saving his life...

How One Man’s Slackline Skills Saved His Friend’s Life

When his friend was unconscious, dangling from a ski lift, Wilson straddled the chairlift cable in much the same way...

Two Pilots Were Flying from Oahu to Hawaii—Then They Heard the Engines Go Quiet

They swam through jellyfish, the threat of sharks, and 16 miles of exhaustion before being sighted.

The Unbelievable True Story of the Hiker Who Survived Back-to-Back Grizzly Bear Attacks

"I could feel her breath on the back of my neck and her front claws digging into my back."

A Violent Storm Tossed This Fisherman into Eight-Foot Waves, Alone, Without a Lifejacket. But He Ref...

Damian knew he couldn't get back onto his boat, but he also knew he couldn't let his three sons grow...

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Armed Robbers Kidnapped Me in My Hometown. This Is How I Survived.

Back when he played for the Jacksonville Jaguars, NFL player Earl Wolff had a near-death experience he was sure would...

We Found Out a Tornado Was Coming. Seconds Later, It Blew Away Our House

The tornado last 4 minutes, to us, it felt like a lifetime.

The Stampeding Crowd Sounded Like a Train Moving Through the Mall

I got caught up in everyone's flee to safety.

The Heroic Dog that Saved a Family of Five from Burning in a House Fire

I went downstairs to turn off a light I didn't think I left on, that's when I saw the fire....

The Dramatic Moment a Man Saved a Stranger from Plummeting Down a Cliff

After losing control of his car, below him lay a 30-foot drop and a busy road. Then a stranger intervened...

A Shark Attack Left Her for Dead, But This Brave Woman Fought to Get Her Life Back

On vacation in Cancún, Nicole Moore went for a dip after a game of beach volleyball. What she didn’t realize...

Rottweilers Were Viciously Attacking This Eight-Year-Old. Here’s How a Neighbor’s Quick Thinking Sav...

At first, Kenneth Hansen thought the kid next door was caught in a dog fight. Then he realized those dogs...

This Navy Sailor Was Put in the Brig for Not Reporting for Duty on December 6, 1941. It Saved His Life.

Imagine being able to say you survived Pearl Harbor ... because you were locked up during the attack?

When a Man Falls onto Train Tracks, Three Strangers Jump Down After Him

In just a few seconds, your entire life can can change.

“This Is No Drill”: A Powerful Firsthand Account of What Really Happened at Pearl Harbor

One survivor’s unforgettable story of unfathomable courage at Pearl Harbor, told in full for the first time.