Survival Stories

In times of struggle and strife, humanity always finds a way. When the the clock runs low and the chips are down, these unbelieavable stories of survival will remind you of the strength of the human spirit.

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    Anxious, Asthmatic, and Stranded in the Mountains, a Teen Watched Her Grandparents Die and then Did ...

    The plane was a smoldering wreck, and a troubled teen was alone, injured, and lost deep in the mountains of...

    “I Was Grateful Just to Be Hungry”: One Man’s Stirring Tale of Overcoming Cancer

    Getting his appetite back was a sure sign he was heading toward remission.

    My Father Was Dying in the Hospital. Then Another Patient Changed Everything.

    When it came time to take my dad off of life support, I felt completely helpless. Then a perfect stranger...

    How to Survive a Terrorist Attack, According to National Security Experts

    The odds of being involved in a terrorist attack are low. But if danger strikes, you'll only have seconds to...

    That Time Ordering Domino’s Pizza Saved a Man’s Life

    When Kirk Alexander went missing for 11 days, an unlikely savior came to his rescue: his neighborhood pizza store.

    This Incredible Teen Walked Through Fire to Save Her Family

    For Charlotte Heffelmire, lifting a truck off her dad was just the beginning.

    The Sign Said, “Low Avalanche Danger.” The Sign Was Wrong.

    How four best friends survived a collapsing mountain in New Hampshire.

    Mauled: One Man’s Harrowing Escape From the Jaws of a Deadly Polar Bear

    A two-week trek through Canada's Arctic tundra turns into a desperate attempt to stay alive.

    Terror on the Cliff: How One Man Narrowly Escaped a Gruesome Fall in the Sierra National Forest

    All that saved Larry Bishop from a 300-foot drop into a California chasm was his fingertips— and the will to...

    “I Was the Miracle Baby”: How Kerry Albright Survived a Deadly Flood at 9 Months Old

    In 1972, Kerry Lee Albright was swept away in the Buffalo Creek flood. His mother saved his life, but lost...

    My House Burned Down, and Here’s What It Taught Me: One Mother’s Heart-Pounding True Story

    "My family and I survived the blaze, but we thought we’d lost everything else. We were wrong."

    Alone. Injured. Almost Dead: A Gripping Survival Story in the Sierra Nevada

    A solo hiker has to abandon his food and water in a last-ditch attempt to survive after a gruesome accident...

    Incredible Escape Story: Two American Airmen and a Near-Deadly Flood

    All that stood between them and a raging flood was a tiny cement shack—and time was running out.

    This Surfer Punched a Shark to Save His Friend

    A tiger shark out for blood is no match for cowboy surfer Brian Wargo.

    “I Won’t Let You Die”: This Teen Saved a Woman After She Was Shot and Pinned Again...

    On a dark night, Caleb Martin's car headlights signaled hope for an abused woman.