Survival Stories

In times of struggle and strife, humanity always finds a way. When the the clock runs low and the chips are down, these unbelieavable stories of survival will remind you of the strength of the human spirit.

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    11-year-old Survivor of Floodwaters Saves Her Family

    Like most Oregonians, Stephanie McRae was used to driving in foul weather. Although rain still pelted the windshield of her

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    World Trade Center Attack Survivor Lauren Manning: A Long Road Back to Health

    September 2006, and Lauren Manning looks terrific. Striding across the lobby of a Manhattan high-rise, she exudes the confidence she

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    Shark! How One Surfer Survived an Attack

    Silver fog blanketed California’s Monterey Bay on a late August morning last year. For Todd Endris, it was a perfect

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    Invincible: World Trade Center Attacks Survivor Lauren Manning

    Running Late On a hazy late afternoon in New York City, Lauren Manning breezes through the door with an upbeat