‘Bagel Head’: The New Beauty Trend?

Bagel Head
We’ve become accustomed to full body tattoos, multiple piercings and even the shaved “vampire fangs” some people opt for. But does a new, extreme form of body modification go too far?

Bagel Head,”a, um, beauty trend is sweeping Japan. The effect is achieved by inserting a needle into the forehead, pumping 400 cc’s of saline solution into a circular formation, then pressing down the center to create what looks like, well,  a bagel. It was invented by Keroppy, a Japanese artist popular on the body art scene.

I’m all for self-expression and living outside the box, but is there something deeper going on here? Is there an insecurity afoot, a gang of troubled souls who feel so alone in the world that the only way to be seen is to alter their appearance in ways that scream, “Hear me, see me, love me”?

What’s disturbing is that the world  may not be listening, prompting ever more outrageous forms of body mutilation. Take notice, folks! Become empathetic, extend a helping hand, volunteer your time. We just might be able to change the world—one body mod at a time.

Recommended viewing: This video clip from National Geographic has more on Bagel Heads. It’s not for the faint of heart, but check it out if you can stomach it:

Disclaimer: Bagel Heads don’t come in whole wheat, everything or cinnamon raisin… yet.

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