#DigestDiet Update: 7 pounds in 7 days!

Last week, we kicked off the Digest Diet “Blog It Off” Challenge, during which a variety of bloggers write about their experience on the 21-day plan designed for fast, lasting weight loss. The bloggers are now entering phase two, “Fade Away,” which introduces a diet focusing on proteins, healthy fats and vegetables. So, how’s everyone doing?

First, some major weight-loss: Wendy at The Weights Over blog dropped seven pounds in seven days. Enough said.

Other bloggers are logging big victories, too. Kay Lynn over at The Weight Chronicles kicked a serious caffeine habit in phase one. “I thought I would miss my second cup of coffee in the morning, but it really hasn’t made a difference,” she shares.

Meanwhile, Jenn explains how phase two of the diet is going for her over on her blog, My Charming Life. She’s enjoying the daily recommended glass of red wine and flavor-bursting dishes like the Creamy Quinoa for breakfast.

We’re also loving Sarah Peppel over at Genesis Moments, who talks about losing weight after 40. “Three pounds this week alone! I started my renewed efforts at 209.6 about four weeks ago. Today, I weighed in at 200.6 and I am so excited because I know that at this rate I will break 200 this coming week and keep going!”

Finally, Jennie from Bargain Blessings is down 3.5 pounds after five and a half days. Best of all, she still has plenty of energy for her couponing workshops and the rest of her usual activities. Check out her video below.

For more Digest Diet stories, follow along on at Facebook.com/DigestDiet or on Twitter by searching for #DigestDiet. And check back here every week to see what the Digest Diet can do for people like you.

If you want to try the diet everyone will be talking about this fall, the Digest Diet hits bookstores nationwide on October 2, 2012. You can also order it now at DigestDiet.com.

(Image of Digest Diet supplies courtesy The Weight Chronicles.)

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