Fun Quiz: How Good Are You With Faces?

Are you one of those people who have branded themselves “terrible with names?” If so, there’s a new online test that can estimate your “face-name memory IQ” and reveal how you stack up against other test takers.

Researchers at Washington University in St. Louis are conducting an online experiment that invites Internet-users to take part in a 10-minute memory test. “We often experience trouble remembering the name of a person we have previously met despite recognizing their face as being familiar,” states the intro. No kidding!

The test is available at

Participants are shown 56 different faces paired with a name. Each face flashes for two seconds on the screen. Then, you’re shown another batch of faces and names and must decide if the face-name pair is new or if you’ve seen it before. At the end, you get a “face-name memory IQ” that reflects immediate memory, and an option to test your long-term memory in a separate test the next day via email.

Curious to see how your good you face-name memory is? Take the test here!

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