Laura and Louis, A Love Story

Sometimes a book, a story, insinuates itself into my heart and I want to tell the world. In my February 2012 Editor’s Note, I introduced myself as the new editor in chief of Reader’s Digest, noting that the appointment had been the highlight of a year filled with sadness (the loss of my father) and joy (reading the book, Unbroken). I failed to mention the author of the book, and hundreds of readers wrote me asking which Unbroken I was referring to. They wanted to read it, too. The book is the bestseller by Laura Hillenbrand. Almost daily, I think about the harrowing story of Louis Zamparini’s life (from Olympic runner to WWII prisoner of war). And I think about its message of forgiveness.

Last weekend, I was delighted to see that CBS News did a piece on Louis and the author who worked for seven years to tell his story. The story of their relationship is almost as riveting as the book itself. Almost. I watched the CBS piece, then opened Unbroken once more to read it again.

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