Lonely Rover Seeks Companion (Pref. Not A Rock)

Photo by NASA/Wikimedia Commons

Life seems easy for NASA’s Curiosity Rover. After landing on Mars on August 6, 2012, it blasted Will.i.am.’s new song Reach for The Stars (luckily, no neighbors complained), snapped some pictures, and watched a whole lot of these insane blue sunsets. And when it’s not kicking up dust and being spied on from outer space, it’s Tweeting to over 1 million fans. But could all of this fun be a cover for Curiousity Rover’s darker side? I mean, how would you feel if you got this reaction as soon as you left your home planet?

With too much alone time and too few friends, the NASA brainchild has developed a split personality. Exhibit A: The Sarcastic Rover. With over 90,000 Twitter followers, the Sarcastic Rover, a mock Twitter account, uses it’s bio space to declare: “I’m on Mars, whoop-dee-fricken-doo.” Read it’s 500+ Tweets and learn about potential space plans (to flashmob Pluto), NASA’s failures (neglecting to pack Curiosity a sweater when temperatures drop to -198 degrees Fahrenheit in the winter…the nerve) and other Martian musings. Mostly, it talks about being lonely…and who can blame it? Something tells me the solitary space droid could use this guy.

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