Mark Bittman’s New Book Makes Vegan Easy

A few months ago, I wrote 11 Convincing Reasons Eating Vegan Isn’t Crazy. I knew all the white lab-coated researchers, respected authors and peaceable rabble-rousers were on to something, but I wasn’t sure how to make the lifestyle work for me. Between editing the food section of a magazine and dwelling in the Omnivorous Epicurean Haven that is Manhattan, there ain’t much room to be picky. Salvation arrived later that week: an advance copy of author Mark Bittman‘s newest book (available now), VB6: Eat Vegan Before 6:00. The famed cook and writer invents both a new phrase and eating style, and translates his own self-developed health regimen—no animal products, processed foods, or junk food before dinner—into a doable program that anyone can follow. Stick to vegetables, fruits, hearty whole grains, beans and nuts in non-restrictive quantities throughout the day; eat whatever you please for dinner.

Recently, I sat down with my game-changing food hero. It was 4:30 p.m. on an endlessly long April-is-the-cruelest-month kinda day–the precise time when your afternoon becomes a battle to keep your heavy head up until dinner. Instead of meeting me with bleary eyes and Ugh-Why-Did-I-Schedule-A-4:30-Meeting-Syndrome, Bittman was energetic and engaged. It turns out, the more you try VB6-ing, the more you’ll want to VA6 as well. Says Bittman of the VB6 lifestyle: “You’ll feel better, your health numbers will go in the right direction, and you’ll lower your carbon footprint—instantly.”

People often say that to change the world, you start with one step— how about we start with just one plate? Make your next meal count: VB6.

Read an exclusive excerpt from VB6‘s introduction in the June issue of Reader’s Digest iPad edition of the magazine.

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