Must See: Insanely Addictive Websites

Warning: These websites are highly addictive and may cause you to waste massive amounts of time doing extremely enjoyable and completely useless things on them.

Cat Bounce: It’s not the most sophisticated of the bunch, but if you want nothing more than to watch cartoon cats bounce around, you’ve met your match. Click on kitties with your mouse to fling them around and make them bounce higher. Locate a hidden pair of eyeballs wandering around the screen and all of a sudden it will start raining rainbow cats. Why? We have no idea. But just try to keep your eyes off it.

Rainy Mood: There’s nothing quite as relaxing as watching rain drops bead up and slide down a window without having to worry about taking out your umbrella. Visit this website and experience just that, with chill music options like Bon Iver that play as you zone out.

This Is Sand: Remember sand art from when you were a kid? We used to have entire art classes dedicated to them, pouring colored sand into jars and vials. Who knew it could be so fun? Well, This Is Sand offers the digital version of the childhood classic. Click onto the site and press the letter “C” on your keyboard to select your sand color of choice. Then drag your cursor to create trippy dunes on your screen. You can even submit your finished product to the online sand gallery and give your 5-year-old self a pat on the back.

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