On Tap: 9 Months of Red Hot Legal Action

supreme court justices 2012October is always an exciting time for us avid Supreme Court watchers as we look ahead to months of intense legal arguments and, ultimately, hugely important decisions.

Less than two weeks into its new session, the court is taking on affirmative action in a case that could profoundly alter the way college admissions work in the U.S. It is hearing arguments today in Fisher v. University of Texas, which pits Abigail Fisher, a white student who was denied admission to the school, against Texas’s flagship educational institution. Fisher is challenging UT’s policy of considering an applicant’s race in pursuit of a diverse student body. This Businessweek piece neatly sums up the issues in the case as well as the court dynamics likely to influence the final ruling.

Coming on the heels of last summer’s controversial “Obamacare” decision, Fisher v. University of Texas underscores what a huge role our top court plays in everyday American life. If you want to keep track of the action now and in the months ahead, you can start with this New York Times look at the coming term.  You should also bookmark Scotusblog, the number one site for all things Scotus (Supreme Court of the United States).  Among other features, the site offers “plain English” explanations of cases and legal issues.

Finally, the Supreme Court Historical Society has a terrific site that’s packed with information about what many consider the most interesting and influential branch of government.

Photo by Steve Petteway via Wikimedia Commons

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