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What Does a Hometown Smell Like?

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America’s heart is in its hometowns, and one of the driving themes of this summer’s Best of America cover story is that wherever we go, we carry nostalgia for our hometown with us. But instead of conjuring mental images to remember our best memories from growing up, what if we could smell them?

Inspired by everyday smells that triggered fond remembrances, two friends decided to start bottling that nostalgia, state by state. Samantha and Sacha, from New York and New Jersey respectively, drew from their experience in the cosmetics industry to start United Scents of America, a fragrance line boasting signature, unisex scents that capture the unique personalities of each of the 50 states.

United Scents currently offers five fragrances: New York, New Jersey, Texas, California, and Florida (Hawaii and Massachusetts are in the works). Sam and Sacha gladly accept recommendations from their Facebook or Twitter fans on which state they should mix up next. As a separate mission, both women hope United Scents will reinvigorate the spirit of American pride and encourage travel within the country.


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