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Dating is a confusing, emotional, messy business. We certainly don’t have all the answers, but we can provide earnest, “Reader’s Digest version” dating advice for people looking for romance—yes, including for people who are out of their 20s and 30s.

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    10 Simple, Fun Ways to Make New Couple Friends

    What's even harder than finding your perfect other half? Finding another couple of like-minded, fun people to hang out with....

    11 Times It’s Totally OK to Show a Little PDA

    Public displays of affection sometimes get a bad rap but PDA isn't just for horny teens—sometimes getting handsy is exactly...

    25 Words Never to Say on a First Date

    Marriage, baby, STD—there are some things we all know never to say on a first date. But these surprising topics...

    This Is Why We Get So Upset About Celebrity Breakups, According to a Psychologist

    When celebrities break up, we often take it to heart, even though we've never even met them. What gives?

    10 Pieces of Honest Dating Advice for Introverts

    Trust us: Going on a date can't be scarier than what's going on in your head.

    Advice from a Dating Expert: 8 Ways to Meet and Attract New People

    Kimberly Seltzer, a therapist, dating, and makeover expert, explains how to take a more active role in finding romance.

    Here’s How to Have Vacation Sex All Year Long

    Had amazing sex with your partner while you were away? Here's how to bring that passion into the bedroom at...

    Science Explains Why You Lean to the Right When You Kiss

    If you think that there's a "right" way to kiss, you may be onto something, according to the latest research.

    This Story Will Remind You Exactly How Your First Crush Felt, Heartbreak and All

    The way this woman fell for her handsome, guitar-playing British neighbor is so relatable—and adorable.

    14 Perfect Summer Date Ideas That Are Absolutely Free

    Summer offers some unique dating opportunities, and it’s a traditionally lazy time. So don’t be boring and offer a dinner...

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    Marriage Proposal Fails You Won’t Believe Actually Happened

    We have to admit—the second fail on this list is still pretty adorable.

    When Your Spouse Doesn’t Like Your BFFs, It’s the Marriage That Suffers, Says Science

    A new study finds that our taste in friends may hold the key to a happy marriage, or actually destroy...

    The Centuries-Old Reason Why Brides Carry Bouquets

    They're more than just good-looking decorations.

    9 Ways to Keep Paranoia from Destroying Your Relationships

    When trust issues in a relationship are fueled by paranoia or self-sabotaging thoughts, these doubts may be even more of...

    How People Around the World Talk About Crushes

    Admitting you have a crush on someone is no easy task, but at least it's comforting to know you're not...

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    The Beautiful Girl Next Door Absolutely Refused Go on a Date with Me. Now She’s My Wife.

    This persistent man started calling her the "No" Girl because of all her rejections. One rainy day, she finally said...

    “Netflix Cheating” Is On the Rise—and Chances Are You’ve Been Cheated on Already

    When watching a few extra episodes has far greater consequences than you might think.

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    10 Surprising Things That Change When You Get Married

    For better or for worse, tying the knot can shift how you think, what you do, and how you feel...

    10 Secrets Matchmakers Won’t Tell You for Free

    The right matchmaker may hold the elusive key to your happily ever after, but she has secrets she's not sharing...

    These Hilarious First Kiss Stories Will Make You So Glad You’re Not a Teenager

    Get ready to reminisce about that deliciously awkward moment when your lips first touched someone else's.

    This Is How the Heart Symbol Got Its Shape

    There are actually a few theories.

    8 Solutions to Get Rid of Awkward Silence on a First Date

    First dates are exciting but also nerve-wracking. Follow these steps to avoid awkward silences, and you'll be killing the dating...

    This World War II Veteran Had the Best Homecoming Ever: Love at First Sight

    He met his soon-to-be bride right outside FJ&G Railroad where he worked.

    10 Date Night Ideas that Are Better than a Netflix Binge

    It's so easy to get in pajamas, order in, and collapse on the sofa with a plan to watch a...