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We know that marriage is about a whole lot more than saying “I Do.” That’s why we’ve got lots of helpful, trusted advice; sweet true stories (?); and chuckle-worthy cartoons to share with that special someone.

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Forgiveness Is NOT the Key to a Happy Marriage—It Actually Makes It Worse

If "forgive and forget" is one of your golden rules, it's time to get a new one.

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The Secret to a Happy Marriage Is NOT Communication, Experts Say

Sometimes it pays off to pick your battles.

My Husband Had An Affair: Real Women Share How They Coped with Infidelity

What would you do if your partner had an affair? Meet three women who, in their own way, learned to...

The Scientific Secret to Rekindling Your Relationship Is Simpler Than You Think

Wanna feel warm and fuzzy about your spouse? We've got the answer, and it involves adorable photos of puppies and...

The Four-Letter Word That Can End Any Fight—No, Not THAT Word!

Heated arguments can bring out words you'll regret, so stop that cruelty in its tracks.

This Bird Has a Trait Every Pregnant Woman Will Wish Their Husband Had

The secret to a happy, lasting relationship, according to our feathered friends.

When Your Spouse Doesn’t Like Your BFFs, It’s the Marriage That Suffers, Says Science

A new study finds that our taste in friends may hold the key to a happy marriage, or actually destroy...

Don’t Date After Divorce—Without Doing These 11 Things First

After you're over your marriage, it could be time to get back in the game.

The Silent Intimacy Killer That’s Ruining Your Relationship

The things you don't say are often more damaging than the things you do. If you're giving or getting the...

Call Off Your Wedding Now If You Spot Any of These 7 Red Flags

One divorcée looks back on the clues she didn't see leading up to her ill-fated marriage. If any of these...

Anniversary Traditions That Keep Happy Couples Happy

These sweet rituals are not just sentimental. Whether you do them once a year or once a day, they’ll keep...

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8 Myths About Marriage You Can Safely Ignore

Getting ready to say “I do?” These insights will do more than anything old, new, borrowed, or blue to ensure...

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Avoid Marriage Counseling: Break These 8 Bad Habits Today

We'll say it straight up: There's no good reason in the world to hang onto these bad habits; they aren't...

Why Forgetting Their Anniversary Was the Best Thing This Couple Ever Did

This couple's "every-other-year" anniversary rule is the best idea ever.

28 Little Things You Can Do Right Now to Make Your Marriage Happier

It's not diamonds and flowers that make a marriage, but the little things—and taking these small, simple steps over time...

A Widow Went White Water Rafting With Her Husband’s Ashes. What Happened Next Was Devastatingly Beau...

How Neshama Franklin wound up paying tribute to her late husband—and healing herself in the process.

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Marriage Advice for Newlyweds That Every Couple Should Read

A good marriage doesn’t just happen. Experts, real-life newlyweds, and seasoned married couples share 10 surprising secrets to create a...

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Nuggets of Marriage Advice From Divorced People

Hindsight is 20/20, especially when it comes to relationships. Strengthen yours with tips from those who can clearly see what...

9 Things All Good Listeners Do During Daily Conversations

Communication is crucial in this high-stress, high-speed, and high-tech world. Sometimes amid all that’s going on, we forget to really...

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On the Eve of Her Daughter’s Wedding, A Mother Realizes a Surprising Truth About Marriage

As she considers advice to give her daughter, Ruth Pennebaker realizes that marriage is an ever-changing adventure

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Marriage Advice From People Who Have Been Together 50+ Years

For more than five decades, these nine couples have stuck together through thick and thin, and in sickness and health....

The 5 Lies That Are Okay to Tell Your Partner

Sometimes honesty isn't the best policy.

4 Powerful Ways to Use Body Language for Better Relationships

Body language has been said to impact a relationship more than words and tone of voice combined. Here's how to...

5 Powerfully Simple Ways to Diffuse a Fight With Your Partner

Tell a joke. Sit on something soft. Ask this question. These weird-but-effective expert tips can help you resolve marital spats...

7 of the Best Pieces of Advice for a Happier, Stronger Relationship, As Seen On Reddit

We mined the social networking site for what a few of its 7 million registered users had to say...

Away From Your Partner? 8 Tricks You Can Try to Strengthen Your Relationship

Not all couple-building occurs when you're with your significant other. "Time apart offers the opportunity to take your relationship to...

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10 Wise Quotes You Can Use to Stop an Argument In Its Tracks

Great thinkers speak the truth about the senselessness of squabbles.