Interpersonal relationships are a vital part of everyday life. We know relationships aren’t perfect, but we can help guide you through advice on how to fix common issues, things you should and shouldn’t say to the people in your life, and, of course, roundups of funny cartoons and quotes to remind you that laughter can be the best medicine.

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      34 Little Life Skills Everyone Needs to Be a Grown-Up

      If you're going to be "adulting," you'll need to have mastered this set of essential life skills.

      Galentine’s Day: How a Made-Up Holiday Became a Celebration of Female Friendships

      Galentine's Day might have to be done over Zoom this year, but it's still all about ladies celebrating ladies. And...

      The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gifts for Every Stage of a Relationship

      Is your heart racing just thinking about what to buy for Valentine's Day? Whether you've just started dating or have...

      The Most to Least Trustworthy Zodiac Signs

      Find out which zodiac signs will be there for you in a pinch and which ones might not show up...

      Single on Valentine’s Day? 15 Things You Can Do to Make It Amazing

      February 14 is all about showering yourself with love, fun, pampering, and the very best chocolate (of course).

      15 Fun Valentine’s Day Facts You Probably Didn’t Know

      Giving flowers, chocolate, and heart-shaped cards are all common customs on Valentine’s Day. But where do these traditions come from?

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      This Is What School Was Like 100 Years Ago

      Your great- (or great-great) grandparents really did have to walk five miles in the snow to get to school! Here's...

      Rose Color Meanings: 15 Hues and What They Symbolize

      Don't place that flower order without reading this first! From friendship to passion, here's what every rose color actually signifies.

      30 Silly Valentine’s Day Puns to Make Your Sweetheart Smile

      These Valentine’s Day puns are the perfect sweet (but also silly) message to write in your love’s card this February...

      What Does Mercury in Retrograde Mean?

      When everything seems to be going wrong at the same time, it might not just be bad luck. Here’s what...

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      Are You Dating a Narcissist? Here’s How to Tell

      It can be challenging to tell whether you're just dating someone who is self-centered or dating a narcissist. Experts reveal...

      The Best Hobby for You, Based on Your Zodiac Sign

      Find out which activity best matches your energy.

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      25 Facts You Learned in School That Are No Longer True

      You don't want your kids to think you're a dinosaur—bring your knowledge up to date with these new facts.

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      15 of the Best Christmas Movies for Kids

      We recap the classics—and offer a few recommendations you may have missed—in this family-friendly holiday list.

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      The Real Reasons You’re Attractive, According to Science

      Your mother was right: Looks really aren't everything. Attraction is more about chemistry than cosmetics.

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      18 Things Polite People Don’t Do on Thanksgiving

      Etiquette experts agree that Thanksgiving is most enjoyable if people are polite. Here's what polite hosts and guests shouldn’t do...

      5 Tips to Help You Quiet the Chronic Complainer in Your Life

      Talking to a Debbie Downer can stress you out, but with the right tools you can lighten the mood...

      My Dad Sent Me a Fruitcake Every Year for Christmas. The Last One Didn’t Arrive Until a Year A...

      My father resembled a fruitcake. One year, he even sent one. It never arrived.

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      65 Best Friend Gifts for Every Type of Friend

      You two share everything...except your shopping list. Surprise your bestie with these perfect presents that fit any budget.

      50 Reasons to Be Thankful This Thanksgiving

      We've all been through an incredibly tough year. Here are some things we're grateful for no matter what else is...

      The Luckiest Birthdates for Every Chinese Zodiac Sign

      You'll have good fortune if you were born on these days—but even if you weren't, they're still the luckiest days...

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      9 Thanksgiving Etiquette Tips for Hosts, and 8 for Guests

      On Thanksgiving, the last thing you want to be is an ungrateful host or guest.

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      How Hackers Could Use Virtual Schooling to Steal Your Information

      Are you doing everything you can to keep your family safe during the pandemic? If you’re not taking proactive measures...

      15 Easy and Festive Crafts to Make with Your Kids This Hanukkah

      Eight crazy nights of Menorahs, dreidels, and Stars of David!

      A Teacher Told Her Students to Draw What They Were Thankful for—This Was One Student’s Moving ...

      As this teacher learned, some of the most moving lessons are taught by students.

      My Best Friend Scammed Me Out of $92,000, Forcing Me into Bankruptcy

      She swindled me out of $92,000, forcing me into bankruptcy and destroying my once sunny outlook. But I finally...

      13 Ripoffs at the Dollar Store You Need to Avoid

      You're at the dollar store for a quick purchase when you come across what seems like a good deal—but looks...