A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World


Interpersonal relationships are a vital part of everyday life. We know relationships aren’t perfect, but we can help guide you through advice on how to fix common issues, things you should and shouldn’t say to the people in your life, and, of course, roundups of funny cartoons and quotes to remind you that laughter can be the best medicine.

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How to Break the Ice and Meet New People

Tired of the same old opening lines? We've all heard them, and they can sometimes be a real turn-off.

12 Steps to Dealing With Bad Neighbors

Some of us are lucky to have neighbors like the late Mr. Rogers. But for many, neighbors range from nuisance...

The Pros and Cons of Joint Checking Accounts

To help keep the peace when it comes to financial issues, here are some considerations to help you decide whether...

7 Ways to Tell What Someone is Thinking

There are seven basic types of eye movements, each of which corresponds to the use of a particular sensory apparatus....

How to Make the Royal Wedding Cake

Get the recipe for the Royal Wedding cake.

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How to Downsize Your Stuff for a Move

Whittling down a lifetime’s worth of belongings for a move into a smaller home can be a difficult and emotional

12 Golden Rules of Conversation

Follow these timeless tips for being a good conversationalist from The Art of Conversation. 1. Avoid unnecessary details. Don’t sidetrack.

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6 Ways Apples Have Been Used to Predict Love

Check out these funny ways young ladies used to use apples to discover their future spouse from the book "Superstitions."

8 Ways to Reconnect and Strengthen Your Relationship

Try these great couple-building tips.

The Dos and Don’ts of Dealing With Your In-Laws

Getting along with your in-laws doesn't have to be difficult. These tips can help you create a healthy relationship.

Top Tips for Buying Baby Clothes

Use these six guidelines when purchasing clothes for babies to avoid being left with expensive garments your little one wore...

10 Steps to Healing a Relationship After an Affair

Learn ways to rebuild trust after infidelity.

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25 Secrets About Marriage

Couples who've been married up to 50 years share their tricks to making wedlock work.

14 Old-School Tricks to Help You Remember These Everyday Facts

These simple rhymes and mnemonic devices can help you recall everything from the alphabet to the Wonders of the World.

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This Man Wants You Dead: Osama bin Laden

The following Special Report by Kenneth R. Timmerman was originally published in the July 1998 issue of Reader’s Digest. ———-

Denzel Washington Interview: Devoted to Family and Faith

With a pair of Oscars and a paycheck of $20 million a movie, Denzel Washington no longer jumps when the...

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Has Job Loss Shaken Your Marriage?

You lose more than a paycheck when you lose a job. Whether you’re downsized or flat-out fired, the financial stress

A Parent’s Worst Nightmare

Doctors said we'd abused our baby. Who would believe us?

Fight Unrealistic Expectations

Don't let your fantasies get in the way of reality.

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Why We Love Who We Love

The real reasons why we choose that special someone.