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There’s SO much parenting advice out there, and it can be hard to know how to weed out the good from the bad. But we’ve done our best to give you the Reader’s Digest version of honest, heartfelt parenting tips and stories.

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    25 Education Quotes That Inspire a Love of Learning

    Knowledge is power! And the key to a fulfilling life. So get inspired with these wise quotes about the power...

    This Is What School Pictures Looked Like 75 Years Ago

    Getting every student in the class to look at the camera and smile has always been a challenge.

    Backpack vs. Messenger Bag: Which Is Safest?

    Picking a school bag should be based on more than fashion and brand name—your kid's orthopedic health should be your...

    This Is What Technology Used to Look Like in Schools

    Pictured are some pieces of vintage "high tech" that teachers used in their school classrooms throughout the years. Whether or...

    Signs Your Kid’s Backpack Might Be Too Heavy

    Today's backpacks are heavier than ever, thanks to kids lugging around textbooks and laptops not to mention sports uniform and...

    25 Things Your Kid’s Principal Is Secretly Thinking

    Straight from the principal's office: Use these tips for a better school year.

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    40 Things Your Child’s Teacher Wants You to Know

    A look inside a teacher's mind could help you understand lesson plans and maybe even guide your child to perform...

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    9 School Subjects You Took That Your Kids Won’t

    Schools still teach the basic subjects such as math, science, history, and English, but the others have changed a lot....

    A 4-Week-Old Baby Was in Desperate Need of a Home. The Couple That Took Him in Knew He Was Meant to ...

    Sarah Mouracade thought she would never have a child—then a miracle happened.

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    The 17 Best Graduation Quotes You’ll Want to Memorize

    "Never be discouraged. Never look back. And when you fall, fall forward."

    17 Reasons My Favorite Teacher Changed My Life

    It only takes one person to make a difference in the life of another—and teachers are often that person. Check...

    15 National Geography Bee Questions Only Geniuses Will Get Right

    How well do you know your world geography? Take a whack at these questions, culled from past National Geographic Bee...

    12 Science Trivia Questions People Always Get Wrong

    If you can answer 50 percent of these science trivia questions correctly, you may be a genius.

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    Here’s What School Teachers Earn In Every State

    Behind every great school system is a staff of even better teachers. And the best way to keep (and attract)...

    This Is the Difference Between a College and a University

    Should the distinction have a big impact on your choice of school?

    How Meghan and Harry’s Baby Will Be Raised Differently Than the Cambridge Children

    The British royal family has a certain way of doing things to maintain tradition, but Meghan Markle and Prince Harry...

    9 Thoughtful Ways to Donate Your Used Books

    When it comes to donating used books, look beyond your local library or thrift store; there are plenty of incredible...

    Abdominal Pain During Pregnancy: When to See a Doctor

    Though abdominal pain during pregnancy is not uncommon and can be caused by things minor or serious. Experts say it...

    This Is Why Most Blackboards Are Green, Not Black

    When you picture the blackboard from your school years, what color is it? Chances are, it's green.

    Finally! Here’s When to Use “E.g.” Versus “I.e.”

    We’re all guilty of making this mistake.

    This Is the Trendiest American Baby Name of All Time

    That's major bragging rights for the nearly 1.5 million women who share this name.

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    These Are the Least Expensive Community Colleges in Every State

    The cost of college is going up every year. Attending one of the top 10 most expensive private colleges in...

    12 Things Your School Bus Driver Wishes You Knew

    Curious why your child has an assigned seat? Here are the secrets parents wish they knew about the peculiar demands...

    Can You Pass This Controversial Second-Grade Test? (It’s Harder Than You Think!)

    More importantly, do you think a second grader could pass it?

    30 Thoughtful and Affordable Holiday Teacher Gifts

    Your kids' teachers work so hard day after day after day. Why not show them your appreciation for all that...

    Reading in This Font Could Improve Your Memory

    Here’s a science-backed—and totally simple—way to remember more of what you read