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There’s SO much parenting advice out there, and it can be hard to know how to weed out the good from the bad. But we’ve done our best to give you the Reader’s Digest version of honest, heartfelt parenting tips and stories.

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    10 Brilliant Baby Oil Uses You’ll Want to Try Now

    If you've relegated baby oil to your baby's changing table, boy are you missing out.

    18 Fall Activities for Frugal Family Fun

    Make lasting memories with all the changing season has to offer while sticking to a budget.

    10 Silent Signs Your Child Is Being Bullied

    Experts share which behaviors are major red flags.

    9 Spelling and Grammar Mistakes Spell Check Won’t Catch

    There are some human errors that only humans can catch.

    20 Books We Bet You Never Knew Were Banned

    They were taken off the shelves for the craziest reasons.

    12 of the World’s Best Dinosaur Museums

    These dinosaur museums will take you back to a time when fantastic creatures ruled the planet. Plus, you'll get up-to-date...

    11 Secret Habits of Straight-A Students Even Post-Grads Will Want to Steal

    It's not about brains, or about the amount of time spent studying. Many of the highest-scoring students attribute their success...

    47 Easy School Lunches Nutritionists Love

    Balancing nutritious and tasty is tricky, especially when it comes to kids. These nutritionist-approved lunches—and lunch components—will solve all your...

    14 Times You Should Definitely Call the School Principal

    Real parents share the times they had to call in the school principal—and we asked experts to weigh in on...

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    10 Companies That Will Pay for Your College Education

    Work for one of these companies and you can go to college for practically free.

    This Is the Best School District in America

    Is your child going to a good school? looked at more than 1,400 schools nationwide to find out which...

    12 Homework-Help Secrets Your Child’s Teacher Wishes You Knew

    How to help your student study for a test, tackle a science project, and beyond.

    12 Cool Jobs That Don’t Require a College Degree

    Our culture emphasizes education as the path to satisfying and lucrative careers. Education is one path to success but not...

    7 Common Words That Mean the Exact Opposite of What You Think

    "Outlaw," "scan," and "irregardless"... you're using them all wrong.

    7 Secrets Teachers Know About Your Kids and You Don’t

    What’s your kid really thinking, saying, and doing when you’re not around? We asked the teachers, principals, coaches, tutors, and...

    14 Back-to-School Supplies That Are a Waste of Money

    Don't blow your whole back-to-school budget on items that will be quickly broken or discarded like magic ink markers that...

    19 Back-to-School Secrets Only Parents of “A” Students Know

    Prevent back-to-school meltdowns (yours and theirs) with these simple pro tips. For starters, add printer ink and foam board to...

    Top 10 Colleges Whose Graduates Earn the Most Money

    Who says college isn't worth it? Graduates of each of these 10 small colleges can look forward to cashing in...

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    This Is the Most (and Least) Educated City in America

    You might be surprised to learn which city holds the most degrees.

    Genius Swaps That Will Save You BIG on Back-to-School Shopping

    Feeling daunted by a long list of school supplies? Get everything on the list for less with a few smart...

    15 Ways to Beat Back-to-School Stress

    Going back to school can be stressful for the whole family—arm yourself with these tips to have the smoothest back-to-school...

    One Father’s Battle Between Working and Giving Attention to His Daughter

    In this award-winning story, originally published in Reader's Digest in 1969, a father learns to embrace the chaos of his...

    12 Smart Jokes That Make You Sound Like a Genius

    Do you long to be the funniest pompous twit in the room? Memorize these!

    You Can Pay for College Just by Being Tall—and 13 Other Weird Scholarships

    These wacky, unconventional, but absolutely real scholarships may be the answer you never knew you needed to pay your way...

    15 Cringe-Worthy Stories About the Worst Roommates Ever

    And you thought it was bad when your roommates forgot to clean their dishes.

    How My Neighbor Became My Fairy Godmother When My Toddler Had Cancer

    "There was no, 'let me know what I can do,' from Betsy; she just did it."