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There’s SO much parenting advice out there, and it can be hard to know how to weed out the good from the bad. But we’ve done our best to give you the Reader’s Digest version of honest, heartfelt parenting tips and stories.

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    21 Things Parents Really Wish They Knew Before Having Kids

    With all the books and blogs and parenting columns, it's easy to think you know everything there is to know...

    9 Bizarre Facts About Newborn Babies That Doctors Don’t Tell You

    Babies can't taste salt, don't shed actual tears, and are missing kneecaps! Here, more weird facts about our littlest humans....

    7 Powerful Things Teachers, Parents, and Kids Are Doing to Prevent School Shootings

    Gun violence often starts with bullying or loneliness. Meet the local heroes who are working to address both issues—before tragedy...

    Note from Our Editor-in-Chief

    Why Glennon Doyle Melton's beautiful article—about a teacher's who uses "love and belonging" to change the world—resonates so with us...

    7 Funny Test Answers From Kids Who Didn’t Have a Clue

    Think your kids are acing school? Well, check out some of their test answers.

    10 Money-Saving Habits of People Who Didn’t Take Loans for Their Kids’ College

    College is expensive, but taking steps when your kids are young can help you save up by the time they're...

    This Is the Most Popular Time of Day for Babies to Be Born

    Hint: it has to do more with the moms than the babies.

    10 Funniest Celebrity Baby Names of 2017

    Did these people ever consider classroom attendance roll call? Or playground bullies? We're guessing not.

    Your Favorite Carnival Games Are Rigged—Here’s How

    Sorry, but you probably won't be bringing that giant stuffed animal home.

    10 Lives That Were Forever Changed Thanks to the Power of Generosity

    These stories of radical compassion reveal our inner humanitarians, the part of us that believes that if we live with...

    11 Teacher-Approved Tricks for Helping Your Child Get Ahead This School Year

    You have the loose-leaf paper and the pencils—but is your child really ready to hit the books? Teachers shared their...

    18 Things Tutoring Centers Won’t Tell You

    People spend $5 billion on tutors per year – about one fifth of the amount spent on school supplies –...

    Americans Have $1.4 Trillion in Student Loan Debt—But Who Gets All That Money?

    That’s more than the annual salaries of everyone who lives in Australia combined.

    15 Family Bonding Activities You Can Do Instead of Black Friday Shopping

    Do you really want to deal with those crowds? Didn't think so.

    10 Adorable Baby Gifts That Are Actually Seriously Unsafe

    That sweet shower gift from grandma or your best friend could actually put your baby in danger. See which baby...

    4 First, Humble Jobs of CEOs That Will Remind You Anything Is Possible

    When we encounter top industry leaders it seems as though they were always successful. The truth is everyone has to...

    If Your Kid Plays This Sport before Age 12, Their Brain Could Be at Risk

    Playing this very popular sport at an early age can really put your child's cognitive development at risk.

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    These Quotes Prove That Teachers Make the Best Mentors

    School is one of life’s most important milestones. Small wonder we can’t forget the people who lived through the challenges...

    Prince George’s School Won’t Let Him Have a Best Friend

    He may be the third in line for the throne, but Prince George has to obey the rules just like...

    Science Says You Should Stop Helping Your Kids Do Their Homework

    You may mean well, but it’s not doing your child any favors.

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    Real Teachers Reveal What It’s Like Teaching a Genius

    If you spend enough time teaching, you're bound to eventually encounter a student with truly unbelievable brainpower. Here's how 10...

    This Type of Student Is Most Likely to Cheat (It’s Not Who You Think)

    Parents may worry about the pressure their college-going kids feel as they compete for the best grades in the hardest...

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    10 Back-to-School Carpool Hacks All Parents Need to Save Their Sanity

    For parents, back to school means spending way too much time shuttling kids all over creation. These hacks will help...

    This Keyboard Invention Could Completely Change the Way Kids Learn to Type

    A pair of inventive college students hope that their gadget will soon become the standard in elementary schools.

    Here’s Why You Should Always Take Notes the Old-Fashioned Way—and Not on Your Laptop

    As more and more students bring their laptops into the classroom, some of their professors are wondering whether it's helping...or...

    5 “Big Bang Theory” Quotes That Can Make You a Better Parent

    Parents can learn a lot from Dr. Sheldon Cooper, a character in the TV show "Big Bang Theory" who struggles...

    10 Unique School Lunches for Kids Who Hate Sandwiches

    Quick meals for when your kid hates ham and cheese.