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There’s SO much parenting advice out there, and it can be hard to know how to weed out the good from the bad. But we’ve done our best to give you the Reader’s Digest version of honest, heartfelt parenting tips and stories.

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    The Important Reason Behind the Sudden Popularity of Organic Baby Clothes

    Wondering why organic baby clothes are among the most sought after fashion trends? It's not just because the organic baby...

    Here’s How Colleges Land Big-Time Celebrities for Commencement

    You won't believe what some schools will do to book a celebrity guest.

    Finland Found a Way to Prevent Childhood Bullying—Here’s How

    Finland has taken a unique approach to bullying in schools, and the U.S. could be next.

    The Best Moms in the World Have This Trait in Common

    Here’s why you should stop feeling guilty for your girls’ nights out—and start booking them more often!

    Why It’s OK for Parents to Kiss Their Kids on the Lips

    Sweet kid kisses are one of the purest things on earth, so stopping making them gross!

    Why You Should Be Encouraging Your Child to Spend Time with Their Imaginary Friends

    Some people might think kids are a little strange for playing with a make-believe person for hours on end, but...

    Sigh a Breath of Relief When Your Baby Gives You These 7 Signs That They Trust You

    It's what reassures him that he will survive in this world, and makes him sigh contentedly in your arms. Trust...

    10 Backyard Games That Will Make Your Next BBQ Epic

    All BBQs need three things to be a success: Good friends, good food, and sunshine. Throw in some fun yard...

    13 Offbeat, New Baby Names That Are About to Be Everywhere

    Why stick with Emma and Noah when you can have Paisley and Ace instead?

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    Note to Students: Teachers LOVE Their Job! 15 Powerful Reasons Why

    Real-life teachers get personal about their passion for education and how their students fuel their motivation.

    8 Brilliant Ways Babies Are Way Smarter Than You Think

    Chubby, cherubic, and drooly, sure. But babies are much more than lovable lumps, according to fascinating studies that reveal true...

    The 13 Best Lullabies to Sing to Your Baby—with a Modern Twist

    "Hush Little Baby" and "Rock a Bye, Baby" are perennial favorites, but after a while, you have to admit, the...

    Even If We Have Free Speech, Should Cyber-Bullying Be Illegal?

    Do rude comments about a high school student qualify as hate speech?

    12 Things You Need to Let Your Kids Do On Their Own

    Every parent wants to make life as easy as possible for their child. Life is hard enough when you're a...

    11 Ways to Stop Temper Tantrums in Their Tracks

    It's every parent's worst nightmare—an unstoppable toddler temper tantrum, especially when you're in public surrounded by a seemingly judge-y audience....

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    9 Things to Know Before Taking Your Toddler to an Amusement Park

    There's not much cuter than your 3- or 4-year-old coming face-to-face with a favorite life-size cartoon character for the first...

    Spend More Quality Time with Your Teen with 23 Activities They’ll Actually Love

    We asked teens to spill their favorite ways to hang out with Mom and Dad—and you will be seriously surprised...

    Good News: You Can Learn A New Language Without Even Thinking About It

    Learning may be as simple as getting distracted.

    12 Things Only Full-Fledged Bookworms Will Understand

    Forgetting to eat, counting down the days until the next release, having a crush on a fictional character—it's all just...

    9 Ways to Deal With Your Moody Teen Without Losing Your Marbles

    Of course you love your child, but those teenage years are no walk in the park. Here's how to stay...

    10 Best Books to Help Your Child Fall Asleep (You Can Thank Us Later)

    Books go with bedtime like peanut butter goes with jelly, but not all books are suitable bedtime reads. Looking for...

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    6 Ways to Properly Clean Your Children’s Toys to Remove Mold

    Even though bath time gets your kids squeaky clean, it can be making their toys grow mold.

    The 7 Worst Mistakes Parents Make When Flying with Their Baby

    Veteran parents share the in-flight fails that taught them how to keep baby comfortable and happy for her first ride...

    How to Guarantee Your Teen Gets the Best College Tour

    Checking out colleges in person is a pretty key part of the application process. Use these pro tips to get...

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    10 Inspiring Books Every Teacher Needs to Read

    Whether you're a rookie looking for advice or a seasoned educator seeking inspiration, this collection of books will help you...

    7 Ways to Prevent Birth Defects Before and During Pregnancy

    One in every 33 babies will be born with a birth defect, reports the Centers for Disease and Control (CDC)....