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There’s SO much parenting advice out there, and it can be hard to know how to weed out the good from the bad. But we’ve done our best to give you the Reader’s Digest version of honest, heartfelt parenting tips and stories.

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    The 6 Best Reading Apps for Budding Bookworms

    Whether your child is showing an early interest in reading or you're looking for ways to encourage a hesitant reader,...

    Forget Cute Onesies: This Is What Every New Mom Really Needs

    It's true that it takes a village to raise a child, but sometimes it just takes a couple extra loads...

    You Can Now Prevent Eczema in Babies with This Drugstore Hack

    An inexpensive drugstore purchase could save your infant from a world of discomfort later in life.

    7 Expert-Backed Ways to Tame Toddler Tantrums

    Temper tantrums may be one of the exasperating parts of parenting a toddler. One second your child is playing happily,...

    The 6 Questions Every Couple Needs to Ask Themselves Before Having a Kid

    Everyone knows that having a baby is a big decision, but how do you know if you're ready to take...

    Improve Your Toddler’s Fine Motor Skills with These 7 Fun Activities

    Fine motor skills are small actions that require a lot of control. But they take time to master, especially for...

    Eww! How to Stop Your Child from Picking Their Nose

    Childhood nose picking is every parent's worst nightmare. Thankfully, there are ways to discourage your youngster from engaging in this...

    8 Snowy Day Activities Your Entire Family Can Enjoy

    Baby, it's cold outside. So go out and play!

    These High Schoolers Wrote Letters to Kurt Vonnegut. This Is What They Got in Response.

    Your homework assignment from a famous novelist: Make art. Then destroy it.

    15 Creative Indoor Activities for Toddlers for Cold or Rainy Days

    For moms of toddlers, the cold, winter months can be cause for dread each year. It can be so hard...

    10 Warning Signs Your Child Is a Bully

    With one out of every four children getting bullied this year, it's a growing epidemic. But what if your child...

    10 Ways to Get Your Kids Off Their Phone That Don’t Require Bribery

    Talk may be cheap, but overage charges, not so much. Teens text over 3,000 times each month, according to the...

    Building This Family Command Center Changed My Life. Here’s Why You Probably Need One Too.

    If there was any shot of my family getting organized, this was it.

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    14 Ways Baby Wipes Containers Can Effortlessly Organize Your Life

    They can store way more things than you'd ever think!

    This 15-Second Read About a College Freshman Saying Goodbye to Her Mom Will Make Your Heart Melt

    A mom recalls the heartbreaking moment of leaving her daughter at college.

    Her Teacher Was Long Dead. Here’s Why This Student Wrote a Touching Thank-You Note Anyway.

    This teacher not only taught his class about the periodic table, but also inspiration and curiosity.

    21 Awesome School Supplies You’ll Want to Steal from Your Kid

    Your kiddos don't need to have all the fun with back-to-school shopping.

    Fake Being Smart: These 9 Daily Habits Make You Look Intelligent

    Simple habits that will help you project an air of intelligence, no matter who you're talking to.

    7 Incredibly Dangerous Parenting Moves Even Careful Parents Make By Mistake

    You use baby gates at the top (and bottom) of the stairs, secure heavy furniture to the wall, and monitor...

    Here It Is: The Greatest Graduation Speech of All Time

    Dan Bergstein explains the art of writing the perfect graduation speech.

    8 Crucial Water Safety Tips Lifeguards Wish Parents Knew

    Top water safety experts weigh in on what parents miss when it comes to pool and beach safety.

    Absolutely Brilliant Parenting Hacks You’ll Wish You Knew Sooner

    These smart tips use items you already have at home (cotton socks! sports bras!) to entertain kids and simplify your...

    9 Weird Ways Pencils Changed the World

    Why pencils are yellow, who drank graphite-infused wine, Hemingway's pointy little secret to great writing, and more.

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    Key and Peele: What If Teachers Were Treated Just Like Pro Athletes?

    Imagine a world in which educators are as respected and revered as professional athletes? Sketch comics Key and Peele did.

    He Waited 39 Years to Apologize to the Teacher He Wronged. Too Late to Say Sorry?

    Larry Israelson walked out on his favorite teacher's class with no explanation. Decades later, Larry mailed Mr. Atteberry a letter...

    “I Wish My Teacher Knew”: One Teacher’s Brilliant Plan to Give Underprivileged Stu...

    It's as simple as encouraging her students to write notes saying, "I wish my teacher knew..."