For better or for worse, technology is the new frontier. When it comes to navigating the web, avoiding hackers, and enjoying our devices—Reader’s Digest is here to lead the way and help you get the most out of our interconnected world.

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20 Free Things You Can Do Online—That Weren’t Free Before

Put your wallet away. The Internet is full of free books, free movies, free coupons, and so much more.

The Best eReaders Worth Buying Now

Looking to ditch paper, help the environment, and do your reading on a digital device? Here are the best eReaders...

A Local Bookstore Brilliantly Used Clickbait to Get People Excited About Fiction Again

Classic literature + clickbait headlines = Internet gold!

8 Things You Didn’t Know You Could Do on Your Kindle

Get the most out of your e-reader with these hidden tips.

11 Ways the Most Productive People Handle Their Emails

Even though it’s meant as a tool for productivity, email end up as nothing more than a distraction. Productivity expert...

This Man Was Trying to Find a Poem at His Small-Town Library. How the Librarian Helped Will Blow You...

The heartwarming ways a small-town library got by before Google and the internet.

5 Times Paper Is Way Better Than Digital

Here's when to skip the impulse to reach for your phone or laptop and pick up a pen instead.

Ernest Hemingway’s Performance Review at BuzzFeed

You'll never believe the headlines Ernest Hemingway comes up with!

7 Smart Books About Technology Today

A graphic novel, a gripping origin story, a cautionary tale: these are some of the most interesting reads about technology...

Study: Why Your Brain Remembers More From Facebook Than Actual Books

The closer something is to natural speech, the better we remember it. Dude.

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Oh, the Tweets He Would Tweet: If Dr. Seuss Had the Internets

If the Doctor were still around, we suspect he'd be spending his day like any one of us would: through...

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The Best New Gift-Shopping Site

I’ve never been one for online shopping. I prefer tactile gift-buying, going through rows of trinkets with my hands or

A Golden Ticket to the House That Wonka Built

In my earliest days of reading, Roald Dahl's fantastic collection of children's books left a lasting mark on my imagination.

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Top 3 Websites for Grown-Up Story Time

When I’m not writing and editing stories at the office, I’m attending readings in every corner of New York City.