For better or for worse, technology is the new frontier. When it comes to navigating the web, avoiding hackers, and enjoying our devices—Reader’s Digest is here to lead the way and help you get the most out of our interconnected world.

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    Your End-of-the-World App Checklist

    Last week, the unthinkable happened: I found myself waiting in line to use a payphone. In my confusion, I lost

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    No Small ‘Feet’: Man Climbs Chicago’s Willis Tower with Mind-Controlled Prosthetic...

    This past Sunday, Zac Vawter, 31, climbed 103 stories of Chicago’s Willis Tower with the first “thought-controlled bionic leg,” accomplishing

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    Avoid a Second Wave of Disaster—Spot Hurricane Scammers

    When millions of people are vulnerable, it's unfortunately also prime time for scamming.

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    Match Your Music To Your Drink

    Ever been in a Friday night rut? You know you want a drink to unwind but are too zapped from

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    New App: Never Circle For A Parking Spot Again

    Growing up in Brooklyn, I’ve been lucky enough to avoid driving around looking for a place to put my car.

    New App: Best Political Satire All In One Place

    With four debates and countless campaign stops and political ads gone by (not to mention the daily onslaught of polls),

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    App Alert: Never Have to Hold It At the Movies

    It’s happened to us all: We’re engrossed in a movie at the theater and suddenly that paint can-sized cup of

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    Can Your Phone Replace Your Wallet?

    Just this morning, Wired writer Christina Bonnington concluded a month-long experiment in which she replaced her wallet with two smartphones,

    Cinemagram: The Next Instagram?

    The next big thing in smart phone photography could be Cinemagram, a free iPhone app (the Android version is coming...

    Mitch Albom: A Siri-ous Disconnect

    Mitch Albom says we're getting so cozy with our smartphones, we're forgetting to connect with each other.

    3 Smart Apps That Harvard Loves

    A recent poll of some of the hardest-working, tech-savviest bloggers revealed the tools they use to stay on track.

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    Teeny Barcodes Tracked Mating Habits of Bees

    Scan this: October 7 is the 60th anniversary of the barcode, those ubiquitous sets of black lines/white spaces that give

    A Golden Ticket to the House That Wonka Built

    In my earliest days of reading, Roald Dahl's fantastic collection of children's books left a lasting mark on my imagination.

    An App to Use at Your Next Doctor’s Visit

    It's no Angry Birds or Temple Run, but the new iPad app BodyMaps will keep you busy for hours and may help...

    5 Things Your Kids Should Know About Their Online Reputation

    As cyberbullying becomes more and more prevalent in the news and in our children’s lives it’s important to talk to

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    Top 3 Websites for Grown-Up Story Time

    When I’m not writing and editing stories at the office, I’m attending readings in every corner of New York City.

    How to Stop Facebook Over-Sharing

    You do it mindlessly. Check in here, tag your friend in a post there, read this, click on that. What...

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    ‘Classify’ Makes Classical Music Accessible, More Awesome

    Though I’m a big music fan, I’ve never really gotten into classical. Maybe it’s because my parents preferred the soundtrack

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    Are TV Reruns the Perfect Energy Booster?

    Indulging in an episode or two (okay, a marathon) of Wife Swap before I go to sleep might not sound

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    Why We All Need a ‘Designated Texter’

    Have you seen any of the sobering anti-texting-and-driving commercials for AT&T’s “It Can Wait” campaign? The heart-breaking videos of such

    Don’t Be Scammed: 5 Ways to Safeguard Your Accounts

    [step-list-wrapper title=”” time=””] [step-item number=”1.” image_url=”” title=”Your credit card number” ] Danger: A thief goes on a spending spree with

    The Six Apps You Need This Election Season

    With more Americans turning to mobile devices for political news, navigating the plethora of politics apps camouflaged in red, white,...

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    Elections: Primary News Source Is TV, But Mobile Close Behind

    You can find politics news on the web in an overwhelming number of places, but to keep up, Google’s Politics

    Prevent and Correct Errors on Your Credit Report

    Up to 80 percent of credit reports contain errors. Luckily, there are steps you can take to avoid and fix...

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    How Gen Y Stays #Healthy

    Being a functional adult is, more than anything else, time-consuming. You have to hold down a 9-to-5 without whining about

    Best Apps for Stargazing

    As a native New Yorker, I never get to see the stars (and no, I don't mean Sarah Jessica Parker...

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    Awkward First Date? There’s An App For That.

    In 21st century America, there are certain situations that are and always will be 100% inescapable. Bad dates used to...