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Move over sci-fy! The world of the future is here today. We’re surrounded by smart TVs, phones, watches, cars, houses, and hundreds of others interconnected devices. With the whole world at our fingertips, it’s more important than ever to stay safe, stay informed, and stay on top of the latest and greatest.

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    This Common Battery-Saving iPhone Hack Actually Hurts Your Charge

    Your whole iPhone-owning life has been a lie.

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    Why You Need to Stop Using Facebook, Twitter, or Google to Log Into Apps

    You could be giving hackers the key to invade your privacy.

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    This Amazing Feature on Your iPhone Could Save Your Life One Day

    If you give iPhones a thumbs down, you might swallow your words after seeing what this incredible feature can do.

    Apple Debuts New iPhone Feature to Stop Texting While Driving for Good

    The tech giant is putting a stop to the deadly distraction.

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    7 Brilliantly Easy Ways to Protect Your Smartphone at the Beach

    A beach day = countless photo ops for Instagram. But the same trip can also mean an untimely end for...

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    Should You Be Worried About Your Cell Phone Catching a Virus? (Spoiler Alert: Yes!)

    You might want to think twice about before storing your credit card numbers in your phone.

    Thinking of Ditching Your Landline? Read This First

    Once upon a time, it went without saying that a home would have a phone and a cell phone was...

    7 Non-Negotiable Rules Every Parent Should Set for Their Babysitter

    Hiring a new babysitter can be nerve-wrecking, especially for parents of younger children who don't have a lot of experience...

    Parents, You Need to Know About These Apps to Keep Your Kids Safe

    In our potentially dangerous high-tech world, these parental control apps can be your child's bouncer, filter, GPS, and chaperone, for...

    7 Things to Never Share About Your Children on Social Media

    What's so risky about posting smiling, finger-painting photos of your kids on social media? Surprisingly, a lot. Here's what not...

    10 Ways to Get Your Kids Off Their Phone That Don’t Require Bribery

    Talk may be cheap, but overage charges, not so much. Teens text over 3,000 times each month, according to the...

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    Apple or Android? Here’s What Your Phone Choice Can Reveal About Your Personality

    Researchers have linked certain personality traits to different smartphone users.

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    10 Hacks to Free Up Space on Your iPhone (Without Deleting Photos!)

    Tired of the message, “There is not enough available storage"? Read on.

    5 Times Paper Is Way Better Than Digital

    Here's when to skip the impulse to reach for your phone or laptop and pick up a pen instead.

    Genius Uses for Your Extra Coat Hangers

    Double your closet space, remove static electricity from your clothes, make a 30-second iPad holder and more extraordinary uses for...

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    Top Security Threats of Smartphones (2021)

    You might be surprised by the hidden security threats lurking inside your trusty mobile device.