A Trusted Friend in a Complicated World


Take a look at your smartphone—it’s hard to imagine the possibilities of such a small, powerful device in your pocket. If you’re a social media guru, work-from-home grinder, or someone who really only ever makes calls—we’ll teach you how to make the most of your smartphones with hacks, tips, and tricks to blow you away.

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What Is Vishing?

Sometimes a call can be dangerous. Thieves are using various types of phone scams to trick people into giving away...

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Can iPhones Get Viruses? What You Need to Know About Malware on iPhones

If you think that iPhones are immune to viruses, think again. Find out how to check your iPhone for a...

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4 Things You Should Never Ask Siri

It might be in your best interest not to discuss these topics with Siri.

If You Hear This 4-Word Phrase When You Pick Up the Phone, Hang Up Immediately

These four words are a red flag that you might be dealing with a phone scammer. Here's what you should...

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What Those Orange and Green Dots on Your iPhone Mean

Here's why there's a green or orange dot at the top of your iPhone's screen, and what it means for...

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8 Things to Never Store on Your Smartphone

Using your cell phone as a master archive for your personal information? Please be aware this convenience may come at...

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15 Ways to Get Better Cell Reception in Your Home

Getting lots of dropped and choppy calls at your house? Here are simple things you can do to fix the...

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This Is the Least Reliable Cell Phone Company in America

If you’re constantly dropping calls and waiting forever for webpages to load, you might have this cell phone provider.

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How to Know If Someone Blocked Your Number

There are a couple of clues that can help you figure it out.

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Your iPhone Can Be Hacked with a Laser Pointer—Here’s How

Beware: New research has found a scary way for attackers to secretly hack your iPhone's virtual assistant.

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12 Warning Signs It’s Time for a New Cell Phone

Don’t be caught off guard. If your phone is exhibiting any of these symptoms, it could be starting a downward...

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How to Delete All the Photos on Your iPhone

Follow these simple steps to free up storage space by deleting all photos on your iPhone—without losing them for good.

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How to Tell If Someone Is Spying on Your iPhone

It's scary to think that someone might be spying on your iPhone, but you can take steps to prevent and...

30 Funny Things You Can Ask Siri to Do

Siri can truly do it all, including making everyone laugh.

How to Recover Deleted Photos from Your iPhone

Accidentally deleted a photo? Don't worry—recovering deleted photos on your iPhone is easy when you follow these simple steps.

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Why Your iPhone Doesn’t Always Let You Decline Phone Calls

Ever wanted to decline a call but all you can do is "slide to answer"? Here's why.

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Here’s Why iPhones Don’t Let You Record Calls

Don't even bother searching through the Settings app to try to find a feature that will let you record phone...

What You Need to Know About Spam Calls and 7 Ways to Protect Yourself Against Them

COVID-19 is limiting our in-person contact but expanding our need to connect over the phone. While families and friends call...

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Can You Use AirPods with an Android?

The short answer is yes, you can, but there are a few things you'll want to keep in mind first...

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The Dangers of TikTok That Are Worth Your Attention

We all love TikTok, but there are many things we don't know yet about the app. After you click agree,...

11 Mobile Apps for Security and Privacy

With data breaches on the rise, it's more important than ever to safeguard the treasure trove of personal information that...

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11 Things Only the Samsung Galaxy Can Do

iPhone users, you might get jealous of these unique features that only the Samsung Galaxy has.

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11 Phone Battery Myths You Really Have to Stop Believing

Is it bad to leave your phone plugged in overnight? Do you have to wait until your battery dies to...

9 Ways Your Cell Phone Company Is Overcharging You

Overpaying isn't part of your contract.

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12 Hidden Smartphone Codes You Should Start Using ASAP

Impress your most tech-savvy friends with these secret smartphone codes they probably don’t know.

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8 Creepy Things Your Smartphone Knows About You

With passcodes, passwords, and location tracking, smartphones collect hoards of data on users. Here's what you should know about everything...

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How to Delete Multiple Facebook Friends at Once

It's probably time to purge your Facebook friends list. This guide will help you cut out negativity, oversharing, and random...