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14 Travel Movies That Will Make You Feel Like You Went There

With real-life travel at a standstill, get engrossed in films that take you to exotic locales—right from your sofa.

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16 Christmas Movie Locations That Exist in Real Life

Many holiday films were shot in studios or on backlots, but here are ones you can actually visit. Christmas vacation...

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U.S. Hotels Where Your Favorite Movies and TV Shows Were Filmed

From Twin Peaks to The Shining, some of your favorite movies and TV shows were filmed in hotels.

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10 of the Most Famous Movie Cars from the Past 50+ Years

When movies make cars the stars, you can bet fans will daydream about getting behind the wheel. At least one...

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The Best James Bond Movie Cars—Ranked

Since 1962, there have been 24 Bond movies. Here we've highlighted 17 cars, starting with five fails and moving on...

20 Star Wars Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

Whether you're an old-school Princess Leia lover or a Darth Vader diehard, what better way to spend Star Wars Day...

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65 Movie and TV Filming Locations You Can Actually Visit

Shakespeare once wrote that all the world's a stage, but these days it's more like a movie set. Here are...

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12 Best Beach Movies to Get You Pumped for Summer

No matter what the weather, a piña colada and a cinematic trip will transport you straight to the tropics.

This Is How to Get Cast as Movie Extra

Get ready for your (small) big-screen debut.

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The Best Disney Attractions for Star Wars’ Fans

The Force will definitely be with you as Walt Disney World transports you to a galaxy far, far away—first with...