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Disney Opened a New Star Wars Hotel—Here Are All the Details Fans Should Know

You might want to buckle up, because Disney World's brand-new Star Wars hotel is truly a wild ride!

22 Must-Try Foods at Disney World

Walt Disney World is often called the most magical place on Earth, but it could just as easily be called...

I’ve Been to Every Disney Park in the World—And These Are My Favorites

Get the insider scoop on Disney parks around the globe from an expert who's visited them all.

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How Many Hidden Mickeys Can You Find in These Disney World Photos?

Have you ever wandered through Walt Disney World and thought you were seeing Mickey Mouse everywhere you looked? Turns out...

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50 Things You Never Knew About Disney World’s Cinderella Castle

It's iconic and one of the most magical photographic backdrops in America but do you really know everything about the...

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9 Things You May Not See in Theme Parks Anymore

Theme parks are open again, but you'll definitely notice some differences if you visit one right now.

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20 Disney World Secrets You’ll Want to Know

We're spilling the tea on Disney secrets that make its Orlando parks the Most Magical Place on Earth.

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Disneyland vs. Disney World: 11 Differences You Never Knew Existed

Read on to find out what makes Disneyland "The Happiest Place on Earth," while Walt Disney World is "The Most...

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The 3 Words Disney Employees Aren’t Allowed to Say

If you ask a Disney park employee a question, don't expect this lackluster response!

I’ve Been to Every Theme Park in America—And These 13 Are My Favorites

You can definitely trust the opinion of a man who’s been to 333 amusement parks around the globe and ridden...

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Disney Is Finally Reopening: Here’s What You Need to Know

Disneyland Resort is finally about to reopen and Walt Disney World is adding more availability and experiences to its parks,...

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13 Photos That Show How Disney Parks Around the World Celebrate Halloween

You’ll get unique Halloween experiences at the various Disney parks around the globe, but they all have one thing in...

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12 Disney Food Secrets You Didn’t Know Until Now

Knowing this insider information can make your Disney trip a lot easier—and more delicious.

This Is How Disney World Is Celebrating Halloween This Year

The spookiest time of year may look a little different at the parks right now, but it's still a whole...

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Here’s Where You Can Visit the Real Places That Inspired Disney Attractions

These real-life locations that inspired popular Disney rides will make you believe in magic.

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Things Disney Employees Aren’t Allowed to Do Anymore

Walt Disney World has reopened, but ongoing coronavirus precautions means things aren't the same as they used to be for...

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You Can Have the Coffee from Disney Parks Delivered Right to Your Door

Joffrey's will even deliver to enchanted castles, we've heard.

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13 Disneyland Attractions You Never Knew Existed

Get ready to travel back in time to see what you missed over the years!

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What Disney Parks Looked Like Through the Decades

The Disney parks have changed a lot over the years, but the magical memories remain. Here's what The Happiest Place...

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12 Photos That Show the “New Normal” of Disney Parks

For better or worse, all four Disney World parks are now open again after an unprecedented shutdown of nearly four...

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20 Things You Didn’t Know Were Banned from Disney Parks

Disney is the Happiest Place on Earth...unless you had your heart set on bringing your pogo stick.

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10 Things to Know About Staying at a Disney-Owned Resort Right Now

Ready to head back to Disney World and stay on property? Read this first so there are no surprises.

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8 Things That Happen as Soon as Disney World Closes for the Day

Even after the park closes, Disney World is still bustling, thanks to the many, many employees that keep the park...

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Why Splash Mountain’s Makeover Is Long Overdue

Amid the movement for social justice in the United States, Disney has decided to overhaul one of its most iconic...

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10 Discontinued Disney Rides We Wish Could Come Back

We will never stop missing these iconic rides.

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What It’s Like to Work at Disney World’s Most Exclusive Restaurant

All of that seemingly effortless Disney magic takes a lot of time, thought, and hard work.

12 Major Changes Coming to Disney’s Epcot

This past August, Disney announced its commitment to honoring Walt Disney's vision by giving Epcot the biggest transformation of any...

The Real Reason Walt Disney World Scans Your Fingerprint

Before you write this security measure off as creepy, find out what it's really there to do.

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9 Disney Hotels with the Best Views

Book a stay at one of these Walt Disney World Hotels and the fun will continue well after you leave...

8 Things You Didn’t Know About Disney’s Very Own Private Island

There's Disney World and Disneyland, and there are even four international Disney theme parks and resorts around the world, including...