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This Is the Most Expensive McDonald’s Big Mac in the World

If you're looking for a cheap and quick bite to eat, McDonald's is always a good option. But one country's Big Mac prices are a bit, well, pricey.

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The Surprising Reason One McDonald’s Uses Turquoise Arches

Hmmm, there's something different about those famous arches...

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This McDonald’s Seriously Has the Best Menu in the World

If you ever wanted to order a pizza, a plate of pasta, or a Belgian waffle at McDonald's, this location...

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9 Countries That Have Banned McDonald’s

Despite what you might think, the fast-food giant is not loved the whole world over.

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The Coolest McDonald’s in the World Has Its Very Own Vintage Plane

McDonald's operates over 36,000 restaurants in 120 countries the whole world over. But the one in Taupo, New Zealand is...