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18 Weirdest Things Dropped to Count Down to the New Year

New York City may have started the first ball drop on New Year's Eve, but these other locales deserve credit for their unique celebrations.

The Reason We Drop a Ball on New Year’s Eve

The tradition goes back more than a century—but who decided a ball had anything to do with the New Year?

26 of the Best New Year’s Eve Celebrations Around the World

New York City might get the most press, but there are plenty of other great spots that throw some incredible...

The Best New Year’s Eve Celebration in Every State

Here's where to ring in 2020 in every state in the United States.

14 Family-Friendly New Year’s Celebrations Around the Country

Who says grownups get to have all the fun on New Year's Eve? These special events around the country are...

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12 Things Coming to Your Favorite Amusement Parks in 2019

Get ready for a new year filled with adrenaline-revving thrills, incredible entertainment, cutting-edge rides, and amazing new attractions at the...

The 10 Holiday Travel Tips Every Smart Traveler Should Memorize

If you're flying anywhere over the Thanksgiving to New Year's stretch this year, we've got the sanity savers you need...

Here’s How (and Where) You Can Rock New Year’s Eve Alone

New Year's Eve isn't always about waiting on massive lines and being around crowds of people. If you're looking for...

The Top Destinations to Ring in New Year’s Eve 2017

New Year's Eve is the perfect way to close out the season, and of course the year, which is why...