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The Smallest Town in Every State

Think you live in a small town? These places give a whole new meaning to the concept.

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30 Geography Facts Everyone Keeps Getting Wrong

These days, instead of studying atlases, we use the Internet. So it should come as no surprise that there are...

20 Gorgeous River Photos from Around the World

Explore these picturesque rivers from around the world through photographs that capture an angle you don't typically get in person.

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America’s Most Scenic Small-Ship and River Cruises

Looking for a cruise a bit closer to home? These American river cruises offer opportunities on tributaries, bays, lakes, and...

The Best Free Tourist Attraction in Every State

Pull out a map and start planning to find out why America is the "Land of the Free" and the...

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7 of the Most Breathtaking River Cruises Around the World

From spotting wildlife on an African safari cruise to traveling down the Mekong in Cambodia, these river cruises are bucket...

9 “French” Things That Aren’t Actually from France

There are some things that the English language prefixes with being “French,” but are not actually of French origin at...

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6 Towns So Cheap You Basically Don’t Have to Work

Depending on where you live, cost of living in the United States can drain your bank account. However, a few...

15 Countries That Existed 100 Years Ago but Don’t Anymore

From the collapse ancient empires to the renaming of exotic places, the map of the world looks very different now...

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If Your Car Starts Sinking Under Water, Here’s How to Save Your Own Life

You've just driven your car into a river or over the side of a bridge into a lake. What can...