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The 7 Oldest Airlines Still Operating Around the World

In a notoriously volatile industry, these companies have proven they’re in it for the long haul.

10 Popular Tourist Attractions That Could Disappear in Your Lifetime

Just because these are remnants of the past doesn't mean they should become a thing of the past!

15 Virtual Tours of America’s Greatest Landmarks

Bring American history and some of the nation's most iconic landmarks right into your living room.

12 Major Changes Coming to Disney’s Epcot

This past August, Disney announced its commitment to honoring Walt Disney's vision by giving Epcot the biggest transformation of any...

Why Do Mardi Gras Float Riders Have to Wear Masks?

There's a reason Mardi Gras in New Orleans is called "The Greatest Free Show on Earth." It's a larger-than-life party...

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16 of the Best American Cities for History Buffs

History doesn't have to be confined to the static pages of a book. By visiting these destinations, you can experience...

The Most Historic Landmark in Every State

Calling all history buffs! Step back in time at one of these significant sites in each state, from Revolutionary War...

The Oldest Historic Town in Every State

Consider this a history buff's travel bucket list. Explore the rich heritage and culture of America through these notable towns...

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8 Presidential Libraries Every History Buff Should Visit

There have been 45 presidents since America was founded, yet only 14 presidential libraries. These are the ones that can't...

The Oldest Tourist Attraction in Every State

From fortresses to national parks to geological wonders—American history is packed into each U.S. state's roster of tourist attractions.

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United States Trivia Your History Teacher Never Taught You

When was Christmas illegal in America? Which state did Congress forget to officially add to the Union for 150 years?...

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9 Countries That Have Banned McDonald’s

Despite what you might think, the fast-food giant is not loved the whole world over.

8 Beautifully Haunting Pictures of Route 66 Ghost Towns

Along the 2,291 mile highway that is Route 66, you'll find territorial-era mining towns, quiet farming villages—and an American history...

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21 Facts You Never Knew About Washington, D.C.

From monumental mishaps (literally) to unusual voting laws, our nation’s capital has a strange history. And with a bill to...

12 Things You Never Knew About the Las Vegas Sign

Standing as a symbol and the heart of one of the world's entertainment capitals, the "Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas"...

The 10 Best Children’s Museums in America

Museums are for more than just dinosaurs. With interactive exhibits and kid-friendly activities, these museums bring history to life for...

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The World’s 15 Most Unforgettable Royal Gardens

Versailles is just the beginning.

10 Amazing Battle Re-enactments You Have to See to Believe

The culture of battle re-enactments stretches across the U.S., with tens of thousands of aficionados recreating some of the seminal...

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3 Incredible Underwater Museums

Visit the wrecks of the Florida Keys, learn about Mexico's underwater museum, and find out why history buffs will love...

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For the History Buff: Steilacoom in Washington

Pierce County, on the shores of Puget Sound, Washington Founded by a sea captain and officially established in 1854, Steilacoom

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For the History Buff: Oklahoma’s Seminole Nation Museum

524 S. Wewoka Ave., Wewoka, Oklahoma “I fought in the Civil War and have seen men shot to pieces and

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For the History Buff: Alamance Battleground in North Carolina

5803 S. NC-62, Burlington, North Carolina On May 16, 1771, more than two years before the Boston Tea Party, a

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For the History Buff: The People’s Center in Montana

53253 Hwy. 93 W, Pablo, Montana The three layers of stone that form the exterior of this museum—owned and operated

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For the History Buff: Mississippi’s Cottonlandia Museum

1608 Hwy. 82 W., Greenwood, Mississippi Despite its name, this is far from being a one-crop museum. Cottonlandia offers a

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Maryland’s Boonsborough Museum of History & Crystal Grottoes Caverns

Museum:113 N. Main St. Caverns: 19821 Shepherdstown Pike Boonsboro, Maryland Founded in 1792 by brothers George and William Boone, relatives

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For History Buffs: Fort Wallace Museum in Kansas

Hwy. 40, Wallace, Kansas Fort Wallace was one of a string of army posts established to control the Plains Native

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For History Buffs: Grapevine, Texas

Northwest of Dallas, Texas Wild mustang grapes spilled over the black-land prairie in 1844, when this settlement, one of the

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For History Buffs: Washita Battlefield National Historic Site in Oklahoma

Off OK – 47, just west of Cheyenne, Oklahoma In the cold morning twilight of November 27, 1868, Lt. Col.