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Which Is Worse for the Environment: Driving or Flying?

Not all trips are created equal—especially when you consider how they can harm the planet.

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How Much Has My Quarantine Helped the Environment?

From canceled commutes to what you eat for dinner, your new daily habits could be having a big positive impact...

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How Bad Is Flying for the Environment?

Flying is the fastest way to get from point A to point B—but is it the best method of transportation...

This Airline Aims to Become the Most-Eco Friendly in the Country

One U.S. airline is making a serious commitment to the Earth this year.

The Right Way to Travel, According to Environmental Experts

If you've never thought about your carbon footprint while traveling, it's time to start. Adopting even one of these eco-friendly...

This Airline Is Now Serving Edible Coffee Cups to Reduce Plastic Waste

That next cup of mid-flight joe is going to look and taste a little different.

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22 Cars with the Best Fuel Economy—and 5 with the Worst

With gas prices fluctuating more than ever and long road trips never more enticing, fuel-efficient cars are in demand. Here...

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6 iPhone Apps for Nature Lovers

Before you set out on your next picnic, nature walk, or hiking adventure, download these helpful, informative, and incredibly cool...