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Choosing an airline before the pandemic was difficult, but now it’s harder than ever. With hidden fees, new safety procedures, and ridiculous weight limitations, airlines are becoming even more stressful. We’ll help you come out on top and understand the inner workings before you next take to the sky.

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    19 of the Scariest Moments Pilots Have Experienced on the Job

    Flying is still considered the safest mode of transportation, but these pilots have stories that may make you reconsider that...

    12 Things to Buy Duty-Free at the Airport

    It's nearly impossible to board an international flight without passing by the duty-free shops at the airport. And you can...

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    15 Hilarious Announcements Airlines Have Actually Made

    These remarks will calm your nerves before you take off!

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    13 Travel Pillows That Experts Swear By

    For the comfiest flight ever, don't leave home without one of these fabulous travel pillows.

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    16 Air Travel Tips to Follow for Smooth Flying

    With inclement weather delays to in-flight problems, anything can happen when you're traveling via airline. The good news is, being...

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    The Most Awarded Airlines of 2019

    From the best first-class cabin in the world to the long-haul airline that will save you the most money on...

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    Your Next International Delta Flight Is About to Get A Lot More Luxurious

    Delta has debuted a reimagined Main Cabin experience featuring welcome cocktails, hot towel service, and bistro-style dining.

    6 Ways Procrastinators Can Still Save on Thanksgiving Flights

    While "cheap" and "holiday" don't really go hand-in-hand, there ARE ways you can still book a last-minute flight to see...

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    14 Essentials Flight Attendants Always Travel with in Winter

    There are so many variables when it comes to winter travel ranging from the snow delays to the temperature in...

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    40 Things Your Airplane Pilot Won’t Tell You

    We asked pilots from across the country to give us straight answers about maddening safety rules, inexplicable delays, the air...

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    What Happens When a Plane Collides with a Flock of Birds?

    It's a's a's a midair nightmare?

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    This Passenger Wasn’t Allowed to Board a Flight Because His Shorts Were Considered “Offe...

    A Forbes contributor was nearly booted from a flight for his choice of leg-wear.

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    The 6 Most Mysterious Airplane Terminals in the World

    Whether you're an experienced jet-setter or first time flier, you won’t want to get stuck with a long layover at...

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    10 Things You Should Never Do in an Airplane Bathroom

    Germs are potentially harmful in a normal bathroom. But put that bathroom in the sky, shrink it, and pump pressurized...

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    20 Things You’re Probably Doing on a Plane That Flight Attendants Wouldn’t

    Flight attendants know a thing or two about how to travel well. These smart tips will make your future flights...

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    The Little-Known Airplane Feature That Could Save Your Life

    Remembering this tiny device could be a big deal!

    What Happens When an Airline Shuts Down?

    It's not exactly the same every time.

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    10 Things Polite People Don’t Do on Airplanes

    When you're in travel mode, following your own schedule and keeping all sorts of little details straight, it can be...

    The Best Staycations in Every State

    Sometimes, the best vacations are ones that don't require a passport or even a plane ticket: They're in spots that...

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    Why You Should Think Twice Before Touching Air Vents on a Plane

    You'll never look at this airplane surface the same way again.

    13 Secrets Only Air Traffic Controllers Know

    Without air traffic controllers, airline pilots would be flying blind; here's what else only an air traffic controller knows.

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    13 Travel Secrets Only Flight Attendants Know

    You'll want to pack these insider tips from airline cabin crewmembers on how to make the most of your next...

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    15 Free Things to Do When You’re Stuck at the Airport

    There you are, stuck at the airport again thanks to another flight delay or an insanely long layover. Eating is...

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    What REALLY Happens to Those Airplane Blankets and Pillows?

    Comfort has a price—and it could be at the expense of your health.

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    Here’s Why Airplane Seats Are Actually Facing the Wrong Way

    It's rare to find airplane seats that face backward, but it's not as strange of an idea as you might...

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    Here’s What Those Airport Signs Actually Mean

    When your plane is taking forever to taxi the runway, find out where you're really headed.

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    This Is the Airline with the Worst Customer Service in the Industry

    This airline takes the cake for the worst customer service in the industry—and no, it's not the airline you're thinking...