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Choosing an airline before the pandemic was difficult, but now it’s harder than ever. With hidden fees, new safety procedures, and ridiculous weight limitations, airlines are becoming even more stressful. We’ll help you come out on top and understand the inner workings before you next take to the sky.

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    12 Ways to Make Flying Economy Feel Like First Class

    Getting comfortable on an airplane can be a challenge, especially during long flights. We've polled travel bloggers who are happy...

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    Get a Sneak Peek at the Largest Plane in the World

    It’s amazing that this aircraft is able to take flight.

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    The Real Reasons Behind Those Weird Airplane Safety Rules

    Raising your airplane window shade could actually save your life.

    This Is When to Buy Flights for Every Holiday of the Year

    If you want cheap plane tickets, you need this cheat sheet.

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    The Very Best Airplane Seats for Every Type of Need

    Spoiler alert: Bulkhead seats and exit rows shouldn't always be your top choice.

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    30 Brilliant Buys Travel Pros Never Travel Without

    Travel agents and flight attendants share their must-pack items for every trip—what crucial items are missing from your checklist?

    This Airline Lets You Fly Without Waiting for Security

    Imagine flying without packed TSA lines, expensive parking, and long walks to the gate. That type of personal service could...

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    What 11 Mysterious Flight Codes Really Mean

    Flying can be a really stressful experience—and once we get to the plane, sometimes there's a lot of jargon being...

    18 One-of-a-Kind Adventures to Add to Your Bucket List

    From high-flying balloon rides to walking with elephants, you’ll want to experience these unique adventures

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    The 15 Most Bizarre Reasons for Flight Delays

    From runaway rodents to MIA pilots, you're sure to get a kick out of these ridiculous postponed plane stories.

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    The Easy Trick You Can Use to Predict If Your Flight Will Be Delayed

    You'll never waste time waiting at the airport gate again.

    Sneaky Ways to Bypass Airline Baggage Fees

    Airlines have made a big business out of incidental fees—and at the top of that list are checked baggage fees...

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    15 Pet Peeves All Flight Attendants Have

    You’ve always wondered what they were really thinking.

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    21 Secrets to Flying with Kids from Flight Attendants and Pilots

    Flying with little ones can be harrowing—but it doesn't have to be! We gathered top travel tips from people who...

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    Can Never Sleep on an Airplane? Seasoned Travelers Spill 14 Snoozing Secrets

    Let's face it: Finding a way to get comfortable on an airplane feels impossible, let alone sleep on one. That...

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    9 Noises You Hear on Airplanes—and What They Mean

    When hurtling through the air in a metallic cylinder at 600 mph, it's nice to know that the strange things...

    4 Times an Airline Could Owe You Money

    Could you actually be owed money just for taking a trip? The answer is yes!

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    4 Secrets to Getting a Better Airline Meal

    Sometimes shelling out extra cash while traveling isn’t worth it. In this case, however, it’s encouraged.

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    How to Spot Bed Bugs in Your Airplane Seat

    You might have more than concerns about your luggage making it to your destination on time to worry about on...

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    How to Survive a Plane Crash, According to Science

    The odds of being killed on a single airline flight are one in 4.7 million. While crash fatalities are at...

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    14 Genius Packing Tips from Flight Attendants

    Want to travel lighter and smarter? Master the art of packing with these tips from the professionals.

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    17 Tricks to Make Your Next Flight Healthier

    Stale air, hours of sitting, and close contact with other passengers mean plane rides can take a toll on your...

    The Top-Secret Airline You Never Knew Existed

    There are well over 400 airlines in the world—but there's definitely one American carrier that you've never heard of.

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    Why Anthony Bourdain Refused to Eat Airplane Food

    There was almost nothing this adventurous chef wasn't willing to eat, but this is where he drew the line.

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    8 Things Airline Gate Agents Won’t Tell You

    I was lucky enough to be a "gate agent for a day" in Atlanta, and I learned from the experience...

    Here’s How to Board a Plane if Your ID Is Lost or Stolen

    It's a nightmare situation you want to avoid at all costs. But should you get to the airport with only...