Travel - Airport Security

We know that the long airport security line is stressful. There are so many rules and regulations to keep you safe, but we’ve got the rest covered to keep you sane from X-ray all the way to TSA.

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    7 Pre-Screens That Will Speed You Through Airport Security

    For frequent travelers who feel they're spending way too much time in airport security lines, these programs are priceless.

    The Mistake You’re Making With Your Jewelry in the TSA Line

    And it’s wasting your time—guaranteed.

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    7 Things You Can Stash in Your Carry-On—and 4 You Definitely Can’t

    Knowing exactly what you can—and can't—bring can be a mystery. We spoke with TSA experts to learn the ins and...

    The Airport Security Line Just Got Slower Thanks to New TSA Security Measures

    Put your hands in the air like you just don't care about longer security line wait times!